When it is a crime to give birth to a girl child in India

We Indians have lot of double standards when the matter regarding women comes in front of us. On the one side, we show our respect to women idols like Ma Durga and Kali and on the other side we kill girl child before birth and if they anyway survive then we commit number of crime like rape, beating, torture, and eve teasing etc against them. All this clearly show that we in Indian have double standards when matters regarding women come in front of us.

Recent two incidents in this regard are clear eye openers for us. In the first incident one grand mother killed barbarically her grand daughter by pressing her neck with foot and in second incident a women of affluent family was tortured for ten years and forced to abortions for giving birth to girl Childs. Both these matter are clear example of widespread spread crime against women and show how still giving birth to a girl child is a crime in India.

The major concern in all these matters is that women are also involved in crimes against the women. If one woman does not realize the pain of other woman then it will be very difficult to provide a secure atmosphere for all the women. Already number of women in India is on decline but still we egoist people are busy in killing them before birth. At present, it looks very difficult to stop these crimes against women because all this has deep rooted in other thinking pattern that boy child is more important than a girl child. Today nobody knows this exactly that how many girls will be killed in India before we see a stop on this crime.

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