Indians victim of Political dominance

If we say that India is a victim of political dominance then there is nothing wrong in it. In India, we can easily find number of rich and dominant political leaders but it is very difficult to find good governance or corruption free nation. On the other hand most of political leaders in India have remained involved in various corruption acts.

In the last sixty years after the independence these leaders have grown much faster than the actual Indian growth. Earlier, we were legging behind the world then it was the political class which was mainly responsible for it. Today we are growing then political class has very less role in all this.

Major push in sectors like IT and Telecom are demand driven and require very less support from the governments. Though there are few exceptional leaders which helped the nation by brining positive changes but remaining most of the leaders has remained more interested in the self growth. Today political leaders and corruption can be easily interlinked with other.

Political leader generate huge sum of money on the name of social work and service to nation and become more rich even than the industrialists. They also take number of decisions overlooking the apprehensions of the common people for the gain of few people. All these signals are indicators of great political dominance under which we are living in India. If we want to grow more freely and independently then we need to break this dominance for the well fair of all.

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