Will north India suffer from water shortage this summer?


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Presently, we are in the middle of January month but winter rain and snow are eluding many north Indian states. By this time, many north Indian states used to get rain and very essential snow. On my recent visit to the hills, I found very less snow the top of hills whereas by this time to year, hills were usually filled with heavy snow. The situation is so bad that many hills' states are facing situation of draught. 

The lack of rain and snow in the hill states is likely to damage the wheat and apple crops this year. A good snow falls guaranties a supply of adequate water in the summer months because of melting of snow. But with no snow and rain so far, it is likely that summer months will be very difficult for the states in plains which survive on the river water flowing from the hills.

The water levels in the famous Bhakra dam have already come to half level which means that it will be left with very less water for the summer water supplies. We still have some time and hopes that it may rain and snow soon that our dams can be filled on time to save water for the winter months. Already water crisis is on the rise and many plain states of India are facing acute water shortage in the months of May and June. 

The glacier which feed our rivers get recharged during the winters with the snow fall but as very low snowfall is happening it will hurt glacier badly who are already fighting for their survival. 

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