Finally The Dream of Ram Mandir at the Ayodhya is going to complete on 22 January 2024

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 To see the beautiful temple of lord Ram at Ayodhya is a dream of many Indians and this dream will come true on 22 January 2024 with the Pran Pratishta of Ram idol in the temple. The people of India are very passionate about lord Ram because they find his life an example of great virtue. If you are born into a Hindu family then you don't need any introduction of lord Rama because you are taught about him from the beginning. I have also grown up in a family where Lord Ram was an integral part of our life. I was a child when I first heard about the Babri Masjid which was constructed in Ayodhya after demolishing the Lord Ram Temple by Senapati of Babur. Mughal forces destroyed many temples in India to spread Islam but they failed to remove the great respect for lord Rama in the hearts of millions of Indians. 

The Archeological Department of India's findings also clearly indicated that there was an ancient temple below where this mosque was constructed. Finally, the Supreme Court of India paved the way for the construction of the temple which will take shape in the next few days. Millions of people from different parts of India are already in Ayodhya to celebrate this day. To spread one religion, it is wrong to destroy the heritage and temples of other religions. The faith which people want must be entrusted to them and not forced on them. The fight between the religions is very common but the Hindu religion has never worked to conquer other religions. It is the power of Hindi Dharma that it survived even after so many brutal attacks from aggressors. 

With this, the Modi government will fulfil one of its promises of constructing the Ram temple at Ayodhya. The temple of Lord Ram is constructed in an area of 2.7 acres. It will have three floors and the height of each floor is 20 feet. In future, Ayodhya is likely to emerge as a forerunner in Hindu philosophy. Ram is also significant for us because of his great rule which is still remembered by the people of India as Ram Rajya. During the times, of Ram Rule in India, India was the best place to live and every person was happy. Today, we see great troubles across the world with many nations fighting with each other. The next thing in mind will be to visit there and take the blessings of Lord Ram. 

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