Amazon Prime popular web series Panchayat season 3 delayed

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 Recently, it was advertised that third season of popular web series Panchayat of Amazon Prime will stream from 15th January 2024. The hardcore fans of this web series like me started waiting eagerly for the 15th of January but despite the date being passed nothing appeared on the Amazon Prime and amazon removed it from the list of upcoming series. This all indicates that Amazon has decided to postpone the release of season 3 for next few months. Panchayat web series is quite popular from its season one and people liked the simplest nature of this web series. This web series revolves around the story of Abhishek performed by Jitendra Kumar who gets the posts of village panchayat secretary. However, he doesn't like this post and wants to get high earning corporate jobs like his friends. 

This series does not only display the problems in the life of Abhishek but also highlights the problems faced by common villagers of India. This web series put light on the many serious issues in a very lighter way. In most of other web series, we find a huge mix of nudity and mature content, but this web series is very clean and can be watched by anyone. Panchayat highlights the issues of a common village man very well. Due to this reason, people love to watch this web series. In the season 3 of Panchayat web series, we can hope to see the love angle between Abhishek and Rinku taking new shape. 

The season 1 of Panchayat was streamed on 3rd April 2020 and season 2 was streamed on 20th May, 2022. This series enjoys the IMBD rating of 8.9% which clearly shows that how much people have liked it. My personal recommendation is also to watch this series if you love to watch something that is very close to life. All the star cast of series including Jatindra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav and Neena Gupta have given best of their performances. There are very few people who can make such a beautiful and close to reality programs. This web series dive well into the lives of people living in rural India. 

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