Bad Indian Roads and Careless driving kills around 1.73 lakh people in India

Bad Indian Roads, careless, kills,

1.73 lakh people in India Killed in one Year (2021 data) 

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In the previous article on Indian roads, I talked about potholes and how potholes claimed the lives of 15K people in five years. I wrote this post, three years back but even today the conditions are the same and the numbers of death from road accidents are on the rise. In 2021 alone 1.73 lakh people died in various road accidents. This is a huge number and even this number of people don't die from major health problems. In India, it is tough to drive safely because the road safety track of our nation is not sound. We face multiple problems from bad roads to ignorance of traffic rules. Though in the last few years, the condition of Indian roads has started to improve the careless and fast driving of people is on the rise. Today's automatic and advanced vehicles catch fast speed in a few minutes thus people ignore the speed limit set by the road safety authorities. 

The biggest damage all this does to young lives is that most of the people dying in an accident are young people who have a great future ahead. Losing so many young Indians in accidents is a serious matter and we must take some steps to address road safety in India. It is very important to drive with care and caution on the road because when you drive then your life and the lives of many other people are at the stake. We can save the precious lives of thousands of Indians if we start driving in accordance with the rules of road safety. The rash driving of some people causes the death of many innocent people. The cases of hit and run are on the rise in India where a speeding vehicle hits two-wheelers or cyclists. I have full confidence that we can save more than half of the lives of people who die if we start following the traffic rules properly. 

Today, we can see unnecessary hurry among people to reach fast at their destinations and in this hurry, they put the lives of many people at risk. Bad roads are also the second biggest culprits of road accidents. In India, we can find many bad roads with various road issues. Sudden potholes on the road cause many dangerous scenarios for two-wheeler drivers. Many two-wheeler drivers ignore wearing helmets thus putting their life at risk. The Head is the most sensitive part of our body thus it is very important to save it during an accident and even a small head injury can pose a big threat to the person. Despite the fact that it is mandatory to wear a helmet while driving a helmet, many people ignore it. 

The third biggest issue is the bad healthcare system and lack of immediate healthcare for the patient. Many victims of road accidents die on the road because of no proper first aid available to them at the right time. With the construction of good roads, we need to develop a good infrastructure of good hospitals and better first aid so that we can immediately provide the necessary first aid to all accident victims. 

Our government is taken many steps to improve road safety in India but still, we need many more efforts from the Government and the public. 

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