What Exit Polls are saying for Himachal Pradesh Assembly Election 2022?

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The assembly elections for Himachal Pradesh were held on 12 November ahead of the Gujarat Assembly election which concluded on 5th December. Immediately after completing the Gujarat assembly election 2022 in two places, we got multiple exit poll results for Himachal Pradesh. There are a total of 68 seats in the Himachal assembly and any political party needs to win 35 assembly seats to form government in the state. Traditionally, the main fight in Himachal is between Congress and BJP. So far, Both parties enjoyed alternative governments in the state. Therefore, it becomes a trend in the Himachal that no government repeats itself. 

The last government in Himachal was the BJP and they defeated Virbhadra Singh's Congress government last time. However, Virbhadra Singh, a senior leader of congress from Himachal died in 2021 leaving a void for Congress. In the meantime, Congress also saw the loss of many other political leaders in the state which make it weaker. This time BJP wants to take the advantage of it and reinstate its government in the state by changing the historical political trend of Himachal. Though, the new leadership of Congress under Pratibha Singh wife of Virbhadra Singh confident of the people of Himachal to give them a victory. 

Now, what are the main exit polls and survey results? In comparison to Gujarat, the exit polls are split when it comes to the election results of Himachal. Though major exit polls have predicted a marginal win for BJP in the state few others pointed to equal seats for Congress and BJP. One exit poll even pointed to the win for Congress in the state. As compared to the Gujarat assembly election, the fight in Himachal is tougher and the chances of both parties making governments in the state are alive. For the final results, we need to wait till 8th Dec when the assembly election results of Gujarat and Himachal will be announced. 

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