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 Recently, I got the option to try shampoo and conditioners from the two leading brands Wow Skin Science and St.Botanica in India. Wow, Skin Science is an Indian brand while St. Botanica is an international brand with products available in many countries. For Wow Skin Science, I tried their two shampoos, Onion Oil and Hair loss control therapy Shampoos while I got a chance to try two conditioners too Onion Oil and Coconut oil conditioner. For the St. Botanica brand, I tried their Morrocan Argan Shampoo and conditioner. These products are used by other members of my family too. 

We all know that Shampoo and conditioners have become an integral part of every home. We need them for better care of our hair. We all try to choose the best products available in the market so that we can keep our hair away from many problems. They provide nourishment to our hair and maintain adequate moisture in our hair. Shampoo and conditioner also help our hair to remain smooth and frizz-free. 

I have tried other products of Wow Skin Science like Mango Body Butter and Onion black seed hair oil. I liked their Mango butter very much and use it to remove the dryness in winter. So far, the Mango butter of Wow has always worked for me. Now about the range of Shampoo and conditioners. I felt that Wow conditioners are better than their shampoo range. Though Wow shampoo is also good Wow conditioner range is more fine and superior. We should be proud of our India brand which has created a good brand image for itself in a very short time. They offer a huge range of products and all of their products are free from harmful chemicals and ingredients. 

For St.Botanica, I got the option to try their Morrocan Argan Shampoo and conditioner range. Both the shampoo and conditioners in this range worked perfectly and are liked by the whole family especially the women in the family. The smell and smoothness of the St.Botanica shampoo and conditioner were much better than the Wow products. 

In the end, I can say that Wow Shampoo and conditioners are good but St. Botanica shampoo and conditioners (especially argan based) are better than them. 

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