Importance of Gujarat Assembly elections for BJP


At present Gujarat is going through the assembly elections of 2022. These elections will determine whether BJP will continue to hold the crown of Gujarat state or if it will be some other political party to make a government in Gujarat. In the previous article on the Gujarat Assembly election 2022, Who will win Gujarat Assembly election?, I have covered various possibilities. BJP is in power in Gujarat for the last 27 years and this was the first state to put trust in the hands of the BJP to rule it. 

Soon the whole nation followed and BJP become successful in making the government at the centre. BJP knows that it has started from Gujarat and if how it declined then it may start from Gujarat too. Therefore BJP is very cautious about the Gujarat election and it is trying hard to win these elections at any cost. The biggest advantage for BJP in Gujarat is the presence of no strong opposition. 

Both Congress and Aam Admi parties are trying to put their fights but they lack on many fronts. BJP as a party has done many things for Gujarat and made it an industry-rich state of India. Many states in India want to follow the path of Gujarat state in attracting industry but they are not successful so far. The BJP government at the centre is also a boom for the BJP state government because it gets all support it needs from the centre. 

These elections also become important for BJP because of Narendra Modi, as he comes from the state. Therefore, it is important for BJP to show a good performance in the home state of the Prime minister otherwise it will give a wrong message for the 2024 Loksabha elections. If BJP makes a strong pitch in the Gujarat elections then only it can hope for a Good show in the upcoming Loksabha elections too. 

These two phases Gujarat assembly elections have become very important for BJP after a long time because these elections will put pressure on the future trends in Indian politics. The results of the Gujarat assembly election will be out on 8th Dec 2022 and then we will know whether the people of Gujarat still trust BJP or not. 

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