Gujarat Assembly Election 2022 (Exit Poll Results)


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In the last post on the Gujarat Assembly Election 2022, I told about the importance of the Gujarat Assembly election for BJP. The importance of Gujarat state is so much for BJP politically that it never afford to lose it because it is the main stronghold of the BJP and if it loses its stronghold then it will give a wrong message for the upcoming Loksabha elections. Gujarat traditionally remains a state with two political rivals one in Congress and the other in BJP. Before BJP, Gujarat was the stronghold of Congress but it is an old story now. I wrote a detailed article on the Gujarat assembly election 2022 in September in which I discusses all the possibilities of the Gujarat election outcomes (read this article Who will win Gujarat Assembly election 2022). 

This time, Gujarat has got a third political contender in the form of AAP (Aam Admi Party) which has become quite confident after the historical win of the Punjab Assembly election. In the last Gujarat assembly election, the performance of AAP was not good but this time, they want to put their mark in the Gujarat Assembly election. Now it is to be seen that the Gujarat Assembly elections will be a triangular fight or AAP will fail again. We will get the final picture on 8 Dec only when the counting of votes will take place. However, we can get some idea from the various exit polls conducted by many media channels and survey agencies. 

If we go by these exit polls then all the exit polls are of the same view that BJP is likely to win the Gujarat assembly election 2022. As per the exit polls, AAP is likely to get a 10 to 17 % vote share and they will win some seats in Gujarat too but not much. This increase in the vote share of AAP will likely dent the Congress vote share and they will lose many seats to BJP because of this reason. Most exit polls have predicted 100 plus seats for BJP which means that BJP's performance will increase from the last assembly elections. 

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