Guardians of the Galaxy is back with Volume 3

The "Guardians of the Galaxy" series of movies by the Marvel studio has been liked by many people. So far, we have seen the two parts of this series and now we will see its third volume. After watching the trailer of the movie volume 3, I found this volume more bigger and exciting than the previous parts. Hollywood has always provided bigger-than-expected movie sequels and we can hope the same from this too. All the parts of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie have provided great entertainment. I love to watch space movies because they allow me to unleash the power of imagination to see and wonder what is there in the deep darkness of the Universe. 

As an ordinary person, I may not be able to travel in the Universe but I can have some fun and excitement of travelling in the Universe by watching such good movies. In this trailer, we see that ship of Star-Lord and his friends has changed. I will not go into much into the story of the film as it will steal the fun of watching this movie. The release date of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 is 5 May 2023. You can watch the trailer of Vol 3 of the movie below to see yourself what is stored for you. 

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