Book PVR Cinemas Tickets Latest update

Below, people can find latest update for booking PVR cinemas tickets online or through their mobile. In last articles also, I updated about various options available in front of people to booking PVR cinemas tickets visit them Now Book PVR cinema tickets on Mobile, How to book PVR Cinemas and Wave Cinemas Tickets?. Present options available below are latest set of application and solutions available for booking all PVR cinemas tickets online or through mobile Handset.

Book tickets at PVR cinemas:-

Visit PVR Cinemas website

Dial 505787 from your Airtel, Vodafone and Idea mobile/Airtel landline or 5050787 from your Reliance mobile (CDMA only)

Bookmark PVR application on your Facebook account and book tickets using that application

To get schedule of your preferred PVR Cinema on your mobile, SMS and send it to 53030 eg. or
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