How much government is prepared for Swine Flu (H1N1 Virus)?

Government of India and various state governments are making large numbers of claims about taking necessary steps to stop and control Swine Flu virus from spreading: however, when you make a reality check then situation is very bad. Recently, one of my best friends is tested positive for Swine Flu in Delhi and he was with me up to one day back. Therefore, a leading chest physician advised me to immediately get tested for Swine Flu and contact Officer In charge for Swine Flu in Ludhiana.

However, this whole thing became a big nightmare for me as condition was totally pathetic in civil Hospital. There is no isolation ward for Swine Flu patients in hospital. Moreover, doctors were sending suspected Swine Flu patients to other private hospitals because they do not have enough beds. In this way, Civil hospital was only working as spreading ground for Swine Flu in Ludhiana. At end after making 40 plus phone calls and getting confirmed H1N1 Virus report of my friend through fax, I succeeded in getting 10 capsules of Oseltamivir 75 mg by visiting house of Civil Hospital doctor who is taking care of Swine Flu.

Behaviour of Doctor concerned was very unfriendly and he was not even ready to consider problem of patients. It was almost impossible for ordinary and uneducated patients to get any help from concerned hospital and doctor. If in future, Swine Flu spreads in City and state then this system will play major role in spreading this virus then virus alone.

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