Second wave of Swine Flu in India

Presently, India especially north India is hit by second wave of Swine Flu (H1NI virus); therefore, numbers of cases of swine flu are increasing in this part. Government and health experts have asked people to take precautionary measures and get tasted for Swine Flu once they saw symptoms of Swine Flu in them. To get knowledge of Swine Flu (HINI virus infection) symptoms, people can follow this link Swine Flu symptoms and precautions. North India is presently facing cold wave which is providing good environment for HINI virus to grow.

As per one estimate by health experts, Swine Flu is likely to hit one third population of India in next six months and large numbers of cases will be from North India (though very less numbers of cases will be fatal). Work on indigenous Swine Flu vaccine is on final stage and it will be available by February/March next year as only Human trails are left to confirm safety of this vaccine on humans.

This vaccine will be available in the form of nasal spray which will make it easy for government to administer it to large numbers of people in quick time. Government of India is also importing 4 Lakh Swine Flu vaccines for health care professional who work under maximum risk of getting this virus from patients. Ordinary people are required to wait for three to six months before getting vaccinated for Swine Flu when Indian companies will offer their own Swine Flu Vaccines.

People are required to take all precautions and start immediate therapy of Oseltamivir Phosphate (popular brand Tamiflu) 75mg BID for 5 days. This drug is freely available in all main Government Hospital across India and in some leading private hospital (not Free). For details of Hospitals and call centres across India visit List of Swine Flu (HINI) control rooms and Nodal officers statewise

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