Demand for Small states

It is very sad to see today that large numbers of leaders in India for their self growth and needs are pushing our country in to a big fire of smaller states. At present, there are around 100 demands for smaller states from different parts of India and all these demands have suddenly become more vocal after central government accepted TRS demand for separate Telangana state out of present Andhra Pradesh state. Therefore, many small leaders and political parties are seeing some benefits in this whole development thus they are pushing for more states in India.

When I was in school then I studied 25 states of India and when I become young this number increased to 28 states. In future, this number will only increase because every person is looking for separate identity in the form of smaller states. People think that smaller states will provide them more benefits as compared to bigger states because smaller states develop much faster as compared to bigger states. To some extent, these people are right because with smaller states it become easier for administration to work and give results. 

We can give example of Himachal and Uttarakhand which have seen good growth. However, on the other hand smaller states of Jharkand and Chhattishgarh have not shown any good improvement after coming in to existence. In the end, we can say that creating smaller states does not offer any good solution in front of us and on the other hand, people of all parts need good governance from government so that they should not feel neglected.

Many Indian states present a classic example of uneven growth before us because some parts grow much faster as compared to others while some parts remain in total neglected state; therefore, people in these parts start feeling neglected thus demands for smaller states emerge. Present and past governments are also equally responsible for such demands. Today, people and government are required to show more unity in brand image of single India then dividing India from within by its own people. 

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