2009 Loksabha Election and Post poll alliances

2009 Loksabha Elections are still in mid way of voting, however, numbers of leading political parties in India have started their search for post poll alliance partners. All these political parties have realised this fact that it is very difficult for any single party or alliance to make next government at centre; therefore, they have started making some moves in between voting of elections. Before start of Loksabha election, different political parties of India were making different claim about their win.

Some parties even went forward and said that they will not be part of any alliance after the declaration of election results. However, now these parties have started changing their stands even before the end of elections e.g. both Congress and Left parties are ready for any new alliance after the completion of Loksabha Election 2009 whereas these parties were against each other few months back. We will get chance to see numbers of such changes in the moods of different political parties which were once against any political alliance.

This is beauty or sadness of Indian politics that there are no permanent friends or enemies for our political parties. Our political parties only see their advantage before making any alliance. Hopefully, 2009 Loksabha Election will also present same picture and provide us chance to witness the power game of Indian politics.

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