Michael Phelps wins seventh Gold to equal record of Mark Spitz

Today, Michael Phelps created another history by winning seventh gold in Beijing Olympics and now, he shares world record of seven gold medals in single Olympic with Mark Spitz. Mark Spitz created this world record 36 years back in 1972 Munich Olympics. Michael still has one more Game left in Beijing Olympics; therefore, there are good hopes that Michael will break this record to become most success athlete ever in the history of Beijing Olympics.

Already, Michael holds a world record of highest gold medals (13) by any individuals in all Olympics. Micheal wins this game by just margin of 01/100th second in the 100m butterfly events. It also looks that Luck favors those people who put 100% in their efforts. Though, there was slight controversy related to this results because of very less margin of win, however, later this issue was resolved amicably by parties concerned.

Overall, this was very interesting contest between Phelps and civic as they took time of 50.58 and 50.59 respectively. Phelps was much behind in race during first phase; however, Phelps recovered back sharply in last few seconds. With this win Michael Phelps has registered his name in world record books and still has option available with him to make one more surprise, till we can say best of Luck to him for his next game and praise him for his extraordinary achievement.

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