Jitender Kumar enters quarter final of Beijing Olympics 51 Kg Boxing

Today, India got one more good news in boxing when Indian boxer Jitender Kumar won his pre-quarter final against Doniyorov Tulashboy of Uzbekistan in 51 kg event. Unlike yesterday’s tough match between Akhil and Sergey, this match was one sided affair and won by Jatinder with 13-6 points. Jatinder looked dominating in this game from the initial round and easily won this game. Tulashbov looks to be totally surprised by superior boxing skills of Jatinder. With this win, now Indian hopes for winning a medal in boxing events have increased many times.

Final score of Jitender Kumar
1st rnd 2nd rnd 3rd rnd 4rth rd Ttl

Jitender- 4 1 6 2 13
Tulashbov- 1 0 3 2 6

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