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About Channel Colors and its show "Fear Factor-Khatron Ke Khiladi"

Presently, it looks that Indian small screen is gearing for major expansion as new Hindi entertainment channels are added to its kitty on monthly basis. After the success of recently launched Hindi entertainment TV channels NDTV imagine and 9X entertainment, Network 18 is also coming up with their entertainment TV channel “Colors” for Indian TV viewers.

This channel also want to make dent in present entertainment channels market in India and create a separate share for itself. This channel has already started creating hype for its serials and shows on various TV channels. In recent times, TV entertainment industry in India has taken a big shape and it is now worth of many billions. Therefore, every big player of industry wants to get its share from this market which has potential for many new players.

Some attractions of this channel will include programs like “Jai Sri Krisna” and action reality show “Fear Factor-Khatron Ke Khiladi”. Fear Factor-Khatron Ke Khiladi is an Indian version of famous US action reality show “Fear Factor”. Moreover, Akshay Kumar is hosting this show and 13 female celebrates will take part in this show. These female celebrities are from film and advertising industry.

Hopefully, people will enjoy watching these celebs screaming with fear on small screen. This will be second TV show which will be hosted by Akshay Kumar on small screen, he hosted his first show for National Geographic Channel. This show will be produced in one month time and will be entirely shot in South Africa. This show will have 16 episodes. Beside this Colors have number of other entertainment oriented programs for people which they will announce in time to come.

In nutshell, Colors Channel is trying everything to attract Indian small screen viewers and made their channel a hit. So far, we are required to wait for the launch of this TV channel which is expected soon in next few months.

13 Participents of Fear Factor- Khatron Ke Khiladi-

1)Aditi Govtrikar
2) Pooja Bedi
3) Sonali Kulkarni
4) Anita Hasnandani
5)Tapur Chatterjee
6)Tupur Chatterjee
7)Nethra Raghuraman
8)Dipannita Sharma
9)Vidya Malvade
10)Urvashi Sharma
11) Anjana Sukhani
12) Yaana Gupta
13) Meghna Naidu

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