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Chance to work with A R Rahman

Today, no person has any doubt over the potential of Music director Rahman. Rahman has given many famous numbers to world in recent past and today, he is considered as one of the leading music director of international calibre. Therefore, it will be a great opportunity for any person to work with Rahman in creating music. Now, two lucky people will be able to work with Rehman for his next album, for details people can watch the ANI video available below.

IPL gaining popularity

Today, it is an open fact that cricket is very hit in India. All this is also becoming clear after seeing the increasing popularity of IPL (Indian Premium League) in India. First session of IPL and only session in this year has already gathered lot of attention of people across world for its games. Most of the IPL games are able to attract lot of fans to the cricket stadiums and even large numbers of people are enjoying these games on the small screen. Live telecast of IPL games have already registered good TRP and many famous TV soaps are feeling the heat of this tournament. Moreover, there are many chances that popularity of IPL matches will register much hype as game moves towards the final phase. Success of IPL also demonstrates the power of Indian cricket which has forced big guns of cricket world to play in domestic cricket games of India. Second IPL is also giving good career and earning potential to large number of young player in India, those are otherwise not able to find an

Solving some of cash related problems

In the present world, people really have many options of loans and cash advances available in front of them for solving their requirements of money. Today, any business can suddenly come under financial crisis and in these kinds of the situations only better alternative available in front of us is Cash Advance Loans available through many banks, financial institutions and companies. Mostly, it is very easy to get these cash advance loans and people are only required to fill simple forms. In most of the cases, loans are approved in just 24 hours of giving the application. Therefore, these kinds of the cash advance loans can solve lot of problem of the people about getting immediate funds. Every business run on the basis of some Working Capital, which solve immediate need of cash for all works related to the business. Therefore, it is very important for any business group to maintain a good working capital for the smooth running of all business works. However, sometimes many business

Latest Trailer film Tashan

Below find the trailer of forthcoming and much hyped film “Tashan”. The main caste of this film include Akshay Kumar, Saif Ali Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Anil Kapoor etc. This film is also in lot of news due to pair of Saif Ali Khan and Kareena, who are in lot of news for their love affair. This film is produced by Aditya Chopra under the Yash Raj films banner. This film is going to release on 25th April, 2008. Karina’s song Challiya from film Tashan

Trailer forthcoming film Sarkar Raj

Find below video trailer of Ram Gopal verma’s forthcoming film “Sarkar Raj”. In this film, people can watch Bachan family together with Amitab Bachan, Abhishak Bachan and Aishwarya playing leading roles in this film. This film is very important for the Ram Gopal Verma because he is waiting for hit film from long time. This film holds a good potential due to the big star cast.

Report on Bollywood Crorepatis

This is the video report on the crorepatis in Bollywood. Today, many hero and heroines in Bollywood are earning crores of rupees for their films. Bollywood is also finding many new fans in other parts of the world which show the increasing importance of it and people working in it. In future, we can even hope for more increase in the earning power of these stars which is even today on higher side.

Report on Abhishak and Aishwarya first wedding anniversary celebrations

Last year, marriage of Abhishak and Aishwarya attracted attention of many people and media. However, this time there first anniversary remained still less attention grabbing affair, may be due to death of mother of Amitab Bachan. Below people can find the video detail and report on the first wedding anniversary of most attractive couple of world. Also visit Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya

Video report Aishwarya out of film Robot

Below find the video report on Aishwarya saying no to working in the film Robot. Earlier, there were lot of apprehensions that Aishwarya may work in this film because she was offered 6 crore rupees, which is highest amount so for any heroine. Also visit Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya

Increasing commercialisation of education in India

In recent times, we are seeing one new trend in India and according to this trend today education has become a way of earning lot of money for many people. For most of these entrepreneurs education is nothing more than a way of making good returns and due to this reason they are charging huge amount of fees from students, while students mostly have no option in their hands except giving this fees in the hope of getting a good future. We easily give the example of flourishing MBA colleges across India where average yearly fees is around 3-4 lakh rupees. However, the facilities provided by the colleges are much below average. Most of these colleges remain more interested in making good bucks then providing quality education to students. Every year, number of students going for higher professional education is increasing in India and therefore, good opportunity exists for all these colleges to make money by offering such courses. In many cases, situations even remain much worst and studen

Video Music Launch of forthcoming Film Anamika

Below find the video report on the music launch of forthcoming suspense film “Anamika”.

Schedule and Time Table of matches IPL (Indian Premier League)

Also visit- Timetable Cricket World Cup 2011 Watch Live Score All Matches Cricket World Cup 2011 Below people can find the Schedule of matches IPL (Indian Premier League). With this chart people can easily know about the time and date of all IPL matches.IPL first tournaments have started from from 18th April and it will end on 1st June, 2008. Matches can be watched live on SETMAX. Date Teams Place Time April 18 Bangalore Royal Challengers v Kolkata Knight Riders at Bangalore 8 PM April 19 IPL Mohali v Chennai Super Kings at Mohali 4 PM April 19 Delhi Daredevils v Rajasthan Royals at Delhi 8 PM April 20 Mumbai Indians v Bangalore Royal Challengers at Mumbai 8 PM April 20 Kolkata Knight Riders v Hyderabad DECCAN CHARGERS at Kolkata 4 PM April 21 Rajasthan Royals v Mohali Kings XI at Jaipur 8 PM April 22 Hyderabad DECCAN CHARGERS v Delhi Daredevils at Hyderabad 8 PM April 23 Chennai Super Kings v Mumbai Indians at Chennai 8 PM April 24 Hyderabad DECCAN CHARGERS v Jaipur Rajasthan Royals

Thought of Day (16-4-08)

Below is one beautiful and insightful thought of day for you. " No man in the world is rich enough to to buy his own PAST. So enjoy each moment before it gets beyond reach... " -Author Unknown

Horse racing popularity

Horse races are very popular around the world and slowly, these races coming to most parts of the world. Initially horse racing was believed as hobby of rich people, therefore, these races were only restricted to few riches of the world only. However, today popularity of the horse races is increasing very fast and many ordinary people are also becoming fan of these games. All the horses used in the races go through stiff training and exercise with the help of horse exerciser . It take lot of time and money to make a horse worth for running in races and these horses also cost very high in the market. It is very important to maintain a regular exercise routine for these horses so that they can give their 100% in the races. However, many horse breeding farms in India do not have advanced training facilities but still slowly new investments are coming this segment and we can find horse walkers in many breeding farms. In future, many big names are thinking about making horse racing a big s

Fight between Mayawati and Ghandi family

This is now an open fact in front of us that Mayawati wants to become Prime Minister of India and she is very confident about completing this dream soon. Mayawati wants to repeat her success with UP politics in other parts of India also. Mayawati knows that if she can arrange around 100 of seats in Lok sabha elections then she can think of becoming next prime minister of India with the support of other parties. However, on the other hand congress which is dreaming about making Rahul Ghandi next Prime Minister of India is trying to consolidate their positions in different parts of India and especially in UP, where congress is almost zero. Therefore, in recent visit to UP, Rahul Ghandi tried to highlight the failures of UP government and tried everything to increase acceptance of congress in UP. Whereas Mayawati took it as attack on her strong hold and therefore, she started full fledge attack on Nehru-Ghandi family. According to Mayawati people of India are feed up with their rule and t

Latest Trailer Film Hijack

Below find latest trailer of forthcoming action film Hijack. The main cast of film include Shiney Ahuja,K K Raina,Mona Ambegaonkar,Kaveri Jha. This film can be a bi boast for the Shiney Ahuja if shown good performance on box office.

Video of Sai Baba Shirdi Temple

Sai Baba is very famous among many people in India and across world. Large numbers of people visit Sai Baba temple Shirdi for getting blessings from Sai Baba. Sai Baba temple in Shirdi has emerged as one of most visited shrines in India and every year millions of people visit this place. Sai Baba also promised to help any person whenever he will think about Sai Baba with whole heart. Many people have even reported many miracles associated with Sai Baba; however, one thing is clear that Sai Baba is very popular among Indians like me. Below is one good video for all Sai Baba devotees to views Sai Baba temple of Shirdi. This video is really gift for all people who have not visited Sai Baba temple Shirdi. Also visit- Listen and download Shree Shani Stotram Listen and download Shani Mantra Shinganapur Maharashtra Shani Dham pictures cum video Shani Mantra and Pictures Listen to nonstop Ganesh Mantra Lord Shiva Aarti My Visit to Maa Vaishno Devi (Pictures) Floating Stone and tunnel at Khud

Latest Spiderman 4 Trailer

Famous super hero Spiderman is again back with his forthcoming film Spiderman 4. Earlier, all parts of Spiderman have reported big success at the box office. Therefore, people also have lot of hopes from the Spiderman 4. Below people can enjoy some glimpse of Spiderman 4 through trailer of film. This film is expected to release this summer. Latest trailer- Latest trailer Spiderman 4 (2) New trailers- Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Who is a better director “Amir Khan” or “Ajay Devgan”?

In last few months, people of India got a chance to see two leading film actors turning in to directors. First, Amir Khan entered in this role with his film “Tare Zameen Par” and later, Ajay Devgan joined him with his film “U ME AUR HUM”. Both films are now released and these films have impressed people with direction talents of Ajay and Amir. Though, it is very difficult to clearly compare both these leading stars and now directors with just one film, however, we can make slight comparison on the basis of these two films. From my point of view, Amir Khan’s direction talent clearly has some edge over Ajay’s talent. As a film, Tare Zameen Par was much clear story, to the point, appealing, and well presented entertainer, while U ME AUR HUM is losing on few grounds. Ajay Devgan has done good work by concentrating even on minor details but he is not able to fairly carry film forward. U ME AUR HUM loses ground at some places and therefore starts giving boring signals, whereas Tare Zameen Pa

Thought of Day (15/04/08)


Why it is difficult to live in this world?

This world is really full of many difficulties which constantly make it hard for people to live peacefully in this world. Even from childhood a child starts facing stiff competition for survival and remaining ahead and later in life, this competition only goes on becoming tougher day by day. Moreover, many times such situations came in life when people even start thinking about suicides. The major reason which makes our life difficult is combination of many failures at different fronts of life like in job, relation or in society. People fail because every person in this world is more interested in his own success and some people even create difficulties for others. Therefore, sometimes this world starts looking a very difficult battle ground to us where we are attacked by different enemies. Sometimes, our own friends, relatives and known ones become our enemy creating further difficult world for us. For whole life, a person remains in struggle to find true friends and separating enemie

Bachan family in Miami for Jaya’s Birthday (Video)

Jaya Bachan celebrated her 60th birthday on April 9. Though, this year birthday of Jaya Bachan was not a big celebration due to death of Amitab Bachan’s mother Teji Bachchan. Therefore, Jaya Bachan, Amitab Bachan and Aishwarya left for Miami for celebrating this birthday where Abhishek is already present due to film shooting. Below is video report on Jaya Bachans birthday. Also visit for Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya

Increasing incidences of Road Rage in India

Suddenly, Indian roads are becoming more violent, thanks to increasing incidences of road rages in India. Yesterday, in similar road rage incidence a young air force pilot lost his life. This incidence took place in Himachal near town of Kasauli. This incidence started with altercation over the parking space and later resulting in the death of Flight Lieutenant Anubhav Rao. Anubhav was just 24 years old and had a great career ahead. The main accused in this case is a local lawyer who reportedly stabbed Anubhav and his friend accompanying him. Few days back one such similar incidence was reported from Delhi where husband and wife driving a car had to run in to a police station for saving their lives. Otherwise, also it is very common to hear many such incidences from different parts of India. Today, more and more numbers of people are becoming owners of cars and vehicles thanks to easy loans and increase in earning of people. However, our roads are still not ready to accommodate these n

Video of exercises useful in controlling Obesity

Today, obesity is emerging as a big problem in India and there are large numbers of people in India who are suffering from the problem of obesity. The major reason behind the increase in obesity among people is change in life style of people. Present life style of people is full many such ingredients and habits which increases the chances of obesity many times. Below people can find one useful video of Yoga Guru Sunil Singh telling few exercises useful in controlling obesity.

Pushing School children to suicide

In last few years, numbers of suicides by the school going children have increased at an alarmingly rate. Recently, One of India’s leading news daily “Times of India” reported that 6000 students across India committed suicide in year 2006. Moreover, this report further says that actual number of students committed suicide can be very large because mostly, parents do not report these cases to police due to social stigma attached. This news clearly highlights the need of some immediate measure to stop young and innocent students from taking their lives. Already, in this month alone there is news of 30 students committing suicides and we can hear many more such news in next coming months, when board and entrance exam results will start coming. With each passing year, numbers of students committing suicides due to pressure of studies is increasing very fast. This situation highlights towards the increasing pressure on school children, who otherwise should not face this kind of pressure in

Rakhi with kids’ video

Rakhi Sawant is always able to grab news about her work and all this again become true during her participation in reality show where she is representing small kids. Small children really enjoyed the company of Rakhi Sawant and Rakhi also tried everything to make these kids happy. Below is video of Rakhi Sawant with these Kids. Also read- Why Rakhi Sawant is angry with Star Plus? Rakhi Sawant looking hot in Krazzy 4 item song Making of Rakhi Sawant’s Dekhta Hai Tu Kya Krazy 4 song Rakhi Sawant- A real Hero Rakhi Sawant looking for image change

Feeling Jealous of Others success

Today, we all live in a world, where every person is only interested in his own life; and he is only concentrated on completing his own dreams, even at the cost of others. In the present world, it is very difficult to hear few words like encouragement, help, support etc; but it is very easy to find people who are jealous of you and tries to push you down. This is strange fact, and it is slowly becoming our way of thinking in this world. Moreover, we are not required to blame any particular person for this behavior; because we all are responsible for it. For example, we all feel jealous, when some other person become more successful than us. In present society, this jealously is even taking shape of frustration. People are using wrong tactics for stopping growth of others. People are not interested much in their own growth; however, they are more worried about the others growth. Due to this fact, we see increase in hatred and frustration in people; which is making our world and society

Which Film is Better “Krazzy 4” or “U ME AUR HUM”?

This week two films hit theatres across India and they are “Krazzy 4” and “U ME AUR HUM”. Both these films are much hyped by their producers as best films in their category. However, to some extent both films are not up to mark, though Krazzy 4 is having slight edge over U ME AUR HUM because it is more entertaining than U ME AUR HUM. The biggest drawback in U ME AUR Hum is that it is very less entertaining and looks boring at few occasions. Krazzy 4 has some entertainment but this film can be made much better. Overall, it is difficult to tell which is better because both films represent different categories and these films can appeal different people. Krazzy 4 is about comedy while U ME AUR HUM is about emotions. Also visit- Movie Review-"U ME AUR HUM" (Good but long and flat) Movie Review- Krazzy 4 (Good Watch) Video of making of U ME AUR HUM

Thought of the Day (11/04/08)

Below is one beautiful thought of day for all. " Selfishness contracts the personality rather than allowing it to expand to universal awareness ." By Swami RAMA

Video of making of U ME AUR HUM

Below people can enjoy the video making of “U ME AUR HUM”. This Ajay Devgan and Kajol starrer film has already created lot of hype about film in people’s mind. Therefore, there are many chances that this film can get good opening and become hit. Also visit- Movie Review-"U ME AUR HUM" (Good but long and flat) Movie Review- Krazzy 4 (Good Watch) New Trailer U ME AUR HUM Latest Video trailer "U ME AUR HUM"

Movie Review-"U ME AUR HUM" (Good but long and flat)

Indian cine fans are desperately waiting for biggest hit film of 2008, because all the films released in last few months were not up to mark. Now all the hopes of people are on Ajay Devgan home production film “U ME AUR HUM” which released today. With this film Ajay Devgan entered in the line of direction and presented his first directorial debut to people. Also Devgan couple Ajay and Kajol are in lead role in this film. From my side this is a good film and Ajay Devgan can become very good director, however, this film clearly misses the scope of best film of 2008. Direction wise Ajay Devgan has taken care of even minor details and film is full of good camera work and beautiful scenes, however, many places he looks overdoing all this or film become very flat or simply boring. Though, in begging film starts very well and it looks that we are going to see one wonderful film, however films goes through number of boring phases as it progress further. The story of film revolves around Ajay a

Pollution problem due to Plastic

In the present world, pollution is emerging as a big problem for large population. In some parts of the world this problem has become very serious causing threat to life of people, animals and birds. One of the reasons behind the increase in pollution is use of non recyclable polythene or plastic around the world. This plastic takes thousands of years in becoming decomposed and therefore, we see increase in pollution created by plastic and plastic materials. Today, we have two solutions available in front of use to solve this problem, one putting ban on the use of polythene or second using recyclable polythene which can easily be reused. We can use HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) for making recyclable plastic items like bottles, pipe etc. There are number of companies in present world like Raw Polymers Ltd which supply HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) for making recyclable plastic items. HDPF was developed jointly by Paul Hogan and Robert Banks of Phillips Petroleum in 1951. Around

Movie Review- Krazzy 4 (Good Watch)

Finally, today much talked about film in recent times Krazzy 4 hit theatres across India. Krazzy 4 is a medium budget comedy film from Rakesh Roshan staring Arshad Warsi, Irrfan Khan, Suresh Menon, Rajpal Yadav and Juhi Chawla. This film has already created lot of curiosity for it due to three item songs staring Rakhi Sawant, Shahrukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan. Though, two songs of film are in difficulty due to copy right violation including Hrithik song. The story of film is about four mad people who are not actually mad but more pure hearted than you and me. For story details people can visit Pre-release Movie Review- Krazzy 4 . I really enjoyed watching this film and this film is full of many new ideas unlike other comedy films which are serving same jokes again and again. Though, this is not one of the greatest laughter movies to watch, however, this film very wisely make fun of our society and leaders. Today, more and more numbers of Indian are thinking about themselves than their c

Thought of the Day (10/4/08)

Below of thought of the day from Sri Bhagawad Gita " Ignorant and unjust people are spiritually blind. Becuase of their selfish way of life, they do not accept reality."

Promo video Mohali IPL team Kings XI Punjab

IPL has already become a big name in India even before its launch and even it has got good international image too. This is for the first time when domestic cricket of India will see such hype. All the eight teams of IPL are also making every effort to promote their teams and creating support for them. Below is video of Mohali team Kings XI Punjab. Also visit- Promo video Shahrukh Khan’s IPL team Knight Riders Increasing Acceptance of Indian Cricket League (ICL) IPL teams, winners, bid amounts and details Does cricket offer a good career option for youth? IPL (Indian Premium League) teams IPL (Indian Premium League) Bidding Update Know about Indian Premier League (IPL) (informative video)

Promo video Shahrukh Khan’s IPL team Knight Riders

Below people can enjoy the Promo video Shahrukh Khan’s IPL team Knight Riders. Already IPL is able to create curiosity in the minds of people and large numbers of fans are waiting for the IPL games to start. This video is basically a promotional video for promoting the Shahrukh Khan’s IPL team Knight Riders. Also visit- Increasing Acceptance of Indian Cricket League (ICL) IPL teams, winners, bid amounts and details Does cricket offer a good career option for youth? IPL (Indian Premium League) teams IPL (Indian Premium League) Bidding Update Know about Indian Premier League (IPL) (informative video)

Video Maha Arti Ganga Banaras (Varanasi)

Banaras or Varanasi is one of the holiest city of India and due to this reason, large number of devotees from different parts of India come to visit this city. In Hindu religion, Varanasi has a great significance due to number of historical facts, ancient temples and river Ganga. Ghats of Banaras are very famous Ghats on the bank of river Ganga and it is very enjoyable to see Maha arti of river Ganga. Below people can find the video of Maha arti of Varanasi. This video can be a good gift for people who are not able to visit Varanasi. Also read- Banaras or Varanasi City Sarnath a place to visit in India

Video Maha Arti Ganga Banaras (Varanasi)

Banaras or Varanasi is one of the holiest city of India and due to this reason, large number of devotees from different parts of India come to visit this city. In Hindu religion, Varanasi has a great significance due to number of historical facts, ancient temples and river Ganga. Ghats of Banaras are very famous Ghats on the bank of river Ganga and it is very enjoyable to see Maha arti of river Ganga. Below people can find the video of Maha arti of Varanasi. This video can be a good gift for people who are not able to visit Varanasi.

New debate started by OBC quota clearance

Finally, Supreme Court of India cleared the way for 27% OBC quota in central and central funded institutes in India. Decision over this quota was pending in court since March, 2007 after many people objected this move and appealed in Supreme Court against this law including famous motivational book writer Shiv Khera. Though now five judge bench of Supreme Court has unanimously cleared this act of providing reservation to OBC, however, it has also put new restrictions on providing this reservation and started a new debate over reservation policies present in India. Supreme Court has clearly said in its judgement that creamy lawyer must be excluded from getting benefits of this reservation Therefore, now children of MPs, MLAs, class 1 officer, rich people belonging to OBC will not qualify for this quota. Supreme Court has asked Indian government to come up with clear criteria of defining creamy lawyer before implementing this law and also define clearly people belonging to economically b

New Trailer U ME AUR HUM

Below enjoy the new trailer of forthcoming film “U ME AUR HUM”. This is film already making lot of news due to first film directed by Ajay Devgan and after long time back entry of Ajay and Kajol together on big screen. Also visit- Pre-release Review- U ME AUR HUM Latest Video trailer "U ME AUR HUM" Read Pre-release reviews of forthcoming Bollywood Films For more video visit- Thoughts of An Ordinary Man TV

See how men react after seeing an attractive woman

Mostly, all men in this world show a similar kind of behaviour towards a beautiful woman standing in front of them. This habit remains same in all men across all age group. Below is also one similar video highlighting this nature of men that how men react to different actions of an attractive women. For more video visit- Thoughts of An Ordinary Man TV

Retail Boom becoming visible in India

From last few years, many people and exports are talking about the retail boom in India. Retail boom basically refers to new modernised shopping marts or stores from where people can easily buy all essential items under one roof from vegetable, fruits, grocery to electronics, investments, beauty products and simply everything. Moreover, with the help of these shopping marts people can easily pay with their credit or debit cards which option was not earlier available with them. Today, people are not required to visit road side shops or vendors for purchasing essential vegetable and fruits. Slowly these shopping marts and chains are trying to sell everything under the single roof so that people need not to worry about visiting different stores or shops. Already number of players like Reliance one, more, subhiksha, spencer etc are present in the market to attract people towards them. In big and medium cities, these shopping marts are able to capture good market share and many people have

New trailer Krazy 4

Presently, Rakesh Roshan is busiest men in this world because he is trying everything to promote his forthcoming medium budget comedy film Krazzy 4. Already, item songs of film have become very popular, however, this film is about comedy and it is very important for the success of film that it should be able to make people laugh. Below is new trailer of Krazzy 4 which is giving glimpse of comedy in this film. Also visit- Rakhi Sawant looking hot in Krazzy 4 item song Pre-release Movie Review- Krazy 4 Watch making of Title song Krazzy 4 featuring Shahrukh Video Hrithik Roshan song Krazzy 4 Making of Rakhi Sawant’s Dekhta Hai Tu Kya Krazy 4 song For more video visit- Thoughts of An Ordinary Man TV

Making of Rakhi Sawant’s Dekhta Hai Tu Kya Krazy 4 song

Already, Rakhi Sawant’s item song in film Krazzy 4 “Dekhta Hai tu kya” has become very popular among cine fans. It is very easy to hear this song while moving out in market. This song will clearly help Krazzy 4 in attracting more number of people to cinema halls. Below, people can enjoy the making of this song, which people will also like. This video present complete making of this song and how different people put their efforts to complete this song. Also visit- Rakhi Sawant looking hot in Krazzy 4 item song Pre-release Movie Review- Krazy 4 Watch making of Title song Krazzy 4 featuring Shahrukh Video Hrithik Roshan song Krazzy 4 For more video visit- Thoughts of An Ordinary Man TV

Need for Emotional Intelligence

From many centuries people across the world have mostly given importance to IQ (Intelligence quotient), which measures the basic intelligence of a person. Mostly, there is perception in the mind of people that a person who has more IQ will mostly become more successful in life. However, recently in studies and routine life, it is found that people also require emotional intelligence to become successful in life and leading a happy family life then only IQ. Due to this reason, it is very important for people and parents to look for ways to develop emotional intelligence also. Emotional intelligence is not a big science and it is very much possible for people to increase their levels of emotional intelligence through constant reading and expert advice. In future, we can hope that more people will understand the importance of emotional intelligence in their lives.

Why 300% fee hike by IIM is a crime?

Sometimes, it really becomes difficult to believe that India still have huge population of poor and middle class people, who have hardly seen any improvement in their life conditions. Large Indian population has clearly got benefited from privatisation and IT drive which has helped many people in earning good amount of money. However, still our 50% of population is at same cross road, earning same amount of money whereas cost of living has increased many times. Prices of most of the eatable items are already on higher side, creating maximum burden on the people of India and due to this it has become almost impossible for people earning below Rs 5000 to manage their homes expenditures. Second shock, people are suffering from increasing cost of education in India which is becoming more and more expensive day by day. India was once known for its cheap education and many students from under developing countries like African nations enrol themselves in various Indian universities to get qua

Top and most read articles March 2008

Below are ten top and most read articles in March month of 2008. 1) Who is real victim in Amit Budhiraja and Rinku Sachdeva case? 2) IPL (Indian Premium League) teams 3) IPL teams, winners, bid amounts and details 4) Childhood Pictures of Aishwarya 5) Movie Review- “Race” (Average Time Pass) 6) I am selling my daughter for hundred rupees 7) Pre-release Movie Review- Krazy 4 8) Virgin Mobile India Details and Offers 9) More Shilpa Shetty Yoga Video 10) How it is becoming difficult to live in India? Also visit- Read Top and Most read posts on this blog

Know about Indian Premier League (IPL) (informative video)

Today, Indian Premier League (IPL) has become big news worldwide because of billions of rupees involved in this game. This is for the first time in the history of cricket that domestic cricket has fetched such a big attention and money. Therefore, every cricket player of world has a dream of joining this league. First IPL tournaments will start from 18th April and already, cricket fans are very much excited about these games. However, the problem is that still many people do not know what is IPL? And how it will work? For solving this problem, I am adding Sky News informative video with full detail about IPL. With the help of this video, people can easily learn more about IPL and its working style. Also visit- Increasing Acceptance of Indian Cricket League (ICL) IPL teams, winners, bid amounts and details Does cricket offer a good career option for youth? IPL (Indian Premium League) teams IPL (Indian Premium League) Bidding Update

Video Hrithik Roshan without shirt

Today, Hrithik Roshan is undoubtedly a biggest star of Indian cinema and due to reason; cine fans always remain busy in finding new stuffs related to Hrithik. Below, people can enjoy one video of Hrithik doing a commercial. In this video, people can also watch Hrithik without shirt. This video can be a good gift for all fans of Hrithik Roshan. Also visit- Video Hrithik Roshan song Krazzy 4 For more video visit- Thoughts of An Ordinary Man TV

Movie Review- “Black and White”

When I heard that Subhash Ghai is back with new film “Black and White” then my hopes from this film increased many times. However, this film failed in first week of its release despite good promotion by Subhash Ghai and Eros. Therefore, I decided to watch this film and find some reasons. Black and White is a film made on very sensitive issue faced by lots of people across the world. This issue is terrorism and film tries to highlight mainly Islamic terrorism, reason behind it and finally a solution for solving for this problem. However, despite a good start, this film starts losing its main track and become more illogical. When we go to watch films from big directors like Subhas Ghai then we hope for something new and exciting to watch. However, this film, starts struggling to provide any good entertainment after 30 minutes of starting of film. Though, this film starts well and numbers of people have given good performances but after interval this film become an overdose of terrorism i

Movie Review- “One Two Three”

“One Two Three” is one more addition in similar kind of laughter based film which we are seeing at regular interval in recent past. Overall, this is slightly below average time pass which somehow bind us with cinema screen till end. This film is a combination of many old jokes, few new experiments with some good and bad performances. For story and more details about film people can read Pre-release Movie Review- "One Two Three" . The story of film mainly revolves around three Laxmi Narayan, who are present at same place at same time for different motives. This film can get the advantage of no other big release on last Friday. However, chances are very less that this film will do any wonder on box office. The major drawback of film is that it does not offer anything new to the audience. Acting wise Tusshar Kapoor is slightly better than Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal who look repeating same performance, while others actors are either average or below average in their performanc

Aishwarya Interview by Oprah Winfrey (Video)

Below people can find the video of Aishwarya Rai Bachan interview by Oprah Winfrey in her famous show “Oprah Winfrey show”. Though, this is video of old show held in 2006. However, still this video can be a great gift for all Aishwarya fans. This video also highlights the acceptance of Aishwarya in the world and how Aishwarya is different from other India heroines. Also visit- Latest on Abhishek and Aishwarya For more video visit- Thoughts of An Ordinary Man TV

All about Saif Ali Khan’s career (video report)

Today, Saif Ali Khan has established himself as a big star in film industry and already, he enjoys a great fan following. Saif Ali Khan is also in news presently for his new look in recently released film “Race”. At the end of this month, we can also hope to watch his new film “Tashan” where he will be seen with his love Karina Kapoor. In simple words, we can say that Saif is a star of today and it is very difficult for any person to sideline his achievements. Below, people can find video report on the career of Saif Ali Khan which highlights most of his earlier career which could be very useful information for all Saif fans. Also visit- Are Karina and Saif new hot couple of Bollywood? Video of Shahrukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan from Film Fare awards For more video visit- Thoughts of An Ordinary Man TV

Video Hrithik Roshan song Krazzy 4

Finally, much talked about Hrithik Roshan’s Krazzy 4 song is also released by the Eros. This is mainly an introduction song where Hrithik is introducing the lead actors of Krazzy 4. Below people can enjoy video of this song. Also visit- Pre-release Movie Review- Krazzy 4 Watch making of Title song Krazzy 4 featuring Shahrukh Rakhi Sawant looking hot in Krazzy 4 item song Video Hrithik Roshan without shirt