IPL gaining popularity

Today, it is an open fact that cricket is very hit in India. All this is also becoming clear after seeing the increasing popularity of IPL (Indian Premium League) in India. First session of IPL and only session in this year has already gathered lot of attention of people across world for its games. Most of the IPL games are able to attract lot of fans to the cricket stadiums and even large numbers of people are enjoying these games on the small screen.

Live telecast of IPL games have already registered good TRP and many famous TV soaps are feeling the heat of this tournament. Moreover, there are many chances that popularity of IPL matches will register much hype as game moves towards the final phase. Success of IPL also demonstrates the power of Indian cricket which has forced big guns of cricket world to play in domestic cricket games of India. Second IPL is also giving good career and earning potential to large number of young player in India, those are otherwise not able to find any place in Indian cricket.

Therefore, we can say that IPL has come with lot of good points for the Indian cricket and therefore, it is obvious to see increase in popularity of IPL games. In next two to three years, there are many chances that IPL can completely change the picture of Indian cricket and IPL teams even more popular than the conventional teams.

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