Movie Review- “One Two Three”

“One Two Three” is one more addition in similar kind of laughter based film which we are seeing at regular interval in recent past. Overall, this is slightly below average time pass which somehow bind us with cinema screen till end. This film is a combination of many old jokes, few new experiments with some good and bad performances. For story and more details about film people can read Pre-release Movie Review- "One Two Three".

The story of film mainly revolves around three Laxmi Narayan, who are present at same place at same time for different motives. This film can get the advantage of no other big release on last Friday. However, chances are very less that this film will do any wonder on box office. The major drawback of film is that it does not offer anything new to the audience.

Acting wise Tusshar Kapoor is slightly better than Sunil Shetty and Paresh Rawal who look repeating same performance, while others actors are either average or below average in their performances. The main attraction of film was first time film director and famous comedy serial director Aswani Dhir; however, in film he is not able to do anything special. People can watch this film, if they have free time, otherwise, they can wait for DVD release or TV premium.

Point- 1.5/5

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