Feeling Jealous of Others success

Today, we all live in a world, where every person is only interested in his own life; and he is only concentrated on completing his own dreams, even at the cost of others. In the present world, it is very difficult to hear few words like encouragement, help, support etc; but it is very easy to find people who are jealous of you and tries to push you down. This is strange fact, and it is slowly becoming our way of thinking in this world. Moreover, we are not required to blame any particular person for this behavior; because we all are responsible for it.

For example, we all feel jealous, when some other person become more successful than us. In present society, this jealously is even taking shape of frustration. People are using wrong tactics for stopping growth of others. People are not interested much in their own growth; however, they are more worried about the others growth. Due to this fact, we see increase in hatred and frustration in people; which is making our world and society weak. It is very easy to find people killings others over small trivial matters; which can be easily resolved otherwise. Small amount of jealous exist in every person and we cannot avoid this fact; however, we should also remember; that this jealous can become poison if allowed to grow beyond control.

Therefore, it is very important to kill our jealous; before it starts killing us. Otherwise, we can get motivation from jealous to make improvements in ourselves; and become stronger person. In this way, we use a negative force for positive effect; and thus making more positive world for us and others. Today, world is full of many factors; which can significantly increase levels of our jealous for others, therefore, we need to give special attention to our jealous for others; and we are required to learn an art for living a jealous free life.

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