Which Film is Better “Krazzy 4” or “U ME AUR HUM”?

This week two films hit theatres across India and they are “Krazzy 4” and “U ME AUR HUM”. Both these films are much hyped by their producers as best films in their category. However, to some extent both films are not up to mark, though Krazzy 4 is having slight edge over U ME AUR HUM because it is more entertaining than U ME AUR HUM. The biggest drawback in U ME AUR Hum is that it is very less entertaining and looks boring at few occasions. Krazzy 4 has some entertainment but this film can be made much better. Overall, it is difficult to tell which is better because both films represent different categories and these films can appeal different people. Krazzy 4 is about comedy while U ME AUR HUM is about emotions.

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