Increasing commercialisation of education in India

In recent times, we are seeing one new trend in India and according to this trend today education has become a way of earning lot of money for many people. For most of these entrepreneurs education is nothing more than a way of making good returns and due to this reason they are charging huge amount of fees from students, while students mostly have no option in their hands except giving this fees in the hope of getting a good future.

We easily give the example of flourishing MBA colleges across India where average yearly fees is around 3-4 lakh rupees. However, the facilities provided by the colleges are much below average. Most of these colleges remain more interested in making good bucks then providing quality education to students. Every year, number of students going for higher professional education is increasing in India and therefore, good opportunity exists for all these colleges to make money by offering such courses.

In many cases, situations even remain much worst and students feel cheated at the end of courses. However, in India this trend has full support of our government because my big political leaders and industrialists are running these colleges. Therefore, they easily get the required certificates to run these colleges without providing proper educational infrastructure. At the end, we can say that for these people education has today only become an option to make money than providing quality education to students.

This is really a shameful thing for country like India where our great leaders have stressed on good and free education. There are many people in India, who still live under poor conditions and therefore, they first find it hard to afford this education and second, if can afford then fail in getting quality education. Though, government announce many such popular schemes for providing help to poor students but these schemes mostly do not get any taker due to less information and corruption.

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