Movie Review- “Black and White”

When I heard that Subhash Ghai is back with new film “Black and White” then my hopes from this film increased many times. However, this film failed in first week of its release despite good promotion by Subhash Ghai and Eros. Therefore, I decided to watch this film and find some reasons. Black and White is a film made on very sensitive issue faced by lots of people across the world.

This issue is terrorism and film tries to highlight mainly Islamic terrorism, reason behind it and finally a solution for solving for this problem. However, despite a good start, this film starts losing its main track and become more illogical. When we go to watch films from big directors like Subhas Ghai then we hope for something new and exciting to watch. However, this film, starts struggling to provide any good entertainment after 30 minutes of starting of film.

Though, this film starts well and numbers of people have given good performances but after interval this film become an overdose of terrorism issue and way developed by Subhash Ghai to fight it. Acting wise, Anurag Shina is good and looks very natural. However, other characters of film like Anil Kapoor, Shefali Shah, Aditi Sharma look unnatural despite good acting.

It looks that Subhash Ghai has not done much research while making this film and he has presented more his own perceived version about terrorism then doing a good research. Second people are also getting bored with same set of films on terrorism and branding Muslims as terrorists. In the present world, we need more clear approach on this issue and much better films.

Point- 1.5/5

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