Fight between Mayawati and Ghandi family

This is now an open fact in front of us that Mayawati wants to become Prime Minister of India and she is very confident about completing this dream soon. Mayawati wants to repeat her success with UP politics in other parts of India also. Mayawati knows that if she can arrange around 100 of seats in Lok sabha elections then she can think of becoming next prime minister of India with the support of other parties.

However, on the other hand congress which is dreaming about making Rahul Ghandi next Prime Minister of India is trying to consolidate their positions in different parts of India and especially in UP, where congress is almost zero. Therefore, in recent visit to UP, Rahul Ghandi tried to highlight the failures of UP government and tried everything to increase acceptance of congress in UP.

Whereas Mayawati took it as attack on her strong hold and therefore, she started full fledge attack on Nehru-Ghandi family. According to Mayawati people of India are feed up with their rule and therefore, options of government should be given to new people and as a daughter of Dalit she is best option available in front of people.

At present, it is not clear that how people of India will take the call of Mayawati and will she be able to do any miracle on the national front or not? Next Lok Sabha elections will be interesting in many ways and they will also clear speculations about the fate of Mayawati and Rahul Ghandi in centre politics.
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