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Why it is difficult to live in this world?

This world is really full of many difficulties which constantly make it hard for people to live peacefully in this world. Even from childhood a child starts facing stiff competition for survival and remaining ahead and later in life, this competition only goes on becoming tougher day by day. Moreover, many times such situations came in life when people even start thinking about suicides.

The major reason which makes our life difficult is combination of many failures at different fronts of life like in job, relation or in society. People fail because every person in this world is more interested in his own success and some people even create difficulties for others. Therefore, sometimes this world starts looking a very difficult battle ground to us where we are attacked by different enemies.

Sometimes, our own friends, relatives and known ones become our enemy creating further difficult world for us. For whole life, a person remains in struggle to find true friends and separating enemies, however changing world constantly change our friends in to enemies and our enemies in to our friends, therefore creating further confusions. Hardly, people are able to solve one problem; suddenly a new problem came from nowhere knocking their doors. Mostly, every person asks this question at some point in life irrespective of his educational back ground or financial status.

Though, people can easily solve this question with help of religions, positive thoughts and spiritual wisdom. First of all, it is very important for any person to define his or her priorities in life so that he can work in right direction whole heartedly. Second, people are required to learn skills required for living a happy and fulfilling life. Third point is about is ability to learn constantly and make one’s life richer with time.

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