Pushing School children to suicide

In last few years, numbers of suicides by the school going children have increased at an alarmingly rate. Recently, One of India’s leading news daily “Times of India” reported that 6000 students across India committed suicide in year 2006. Moreover, this report further says that actual number of students committed suicide can be very large because mostly, parents do not report these cases to police due to social stigma attached.

This news clearly highlights the need of some immediate measure to stop young and innocent students from taking their lives. Already, in this month alone there is news of 30 students committing suicides and we can hear many more such news in next coming months, when board and entrance exam results will start coming. With each passing year, numbers of students committing suicides due to pressure of studies is increasing very fast.

This situation highlights towards the increasing pressure on school children, who otherwise should not face this kind of pressure in this tender age. However, problem is that studies are becoming more and more difficult than becoming simple, thus further increasing pressure on students. Second, student need regular counselling and encouragement from parent to face this pressure boldly.

In life, there comes many chances where people show their talents and exam results are just one of them, therefore, students need to understand that life is worth living and not giving for failure in few exams. For this change, we need change in mind sets at the society levels so that students get more positive atmosphere to grow.

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