Abhishek Bachan’s 32nd birthday update

Yesterday, Abhishek Bachan celebrated his 32nd birthday in Jaipur. Complete Bachan family and their friend Amar Singh reached Jaipur for celebrating the birthday of Abhishek Bachan. Amitab Bachan specially reached here from Shimla where he was suiting for a film and Aishwarya and Jaya Bachan reached here from Mumbai with Amar Singh. Main reason behind choosing Jaipur for celebrating the birthday of Abhishek Bachan was presence of abhishek in Jaipur due to the shooting his forthcoming film.

This birthday of Abhishek Bachan also became very important because it was first birthday of Abhishek Bachan after his marriage with Aishwarya Rai. Ealier, Bachan family also celebrated the birthday of their Bahu Aishwarya with full enthusiasm. Bachan family and friends stayed in Rambagh Palace Hotel for celebrating this occasion. Family was already not in mood of any big celebration on this day due to the recent death of Abhishek bachan’s grandmother.

However, this occasion become even more silent affair due to sudden illness of Amitab Bachan, whom was attended by doctors for check up. On the name of celebration, Abhishek cut a cake in the afternoon in the presence of Bachan family. Bachan family especially Aishwarya faced the heat of angry Rajput community which protested in front of the Rambagh place hotel against Aishwarya playing the role of Jodhaa in Johdaa Akbar.

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