Does Indian Stock Market is ready to go above 70,000 Mark? If Yes then When


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Yesterday, the Indian stock market crossed the 65,000 benchmark in the BSE for the first time and it created a similar record in NSE too. This positive movement has created hope among stock market investors that the stock market will soon cross the 70,000 mark. If this happened then it will be a great moment for India and if compared to the past then the Indian Stock market has given good and consistent returns as compared to other modes of investment. In 2006, the Indian stock market was at 13000 and today in July 2023 it has crossed 65000. This shows the potential of the Indian stock market and why we should invest in it. There are many stocks in the market which have given more than 1000 times returns thus making investors crorepatis who just invested a few thousand rupees. 

However, many people are not able to reap the benefits of this hike in the stock market and the list of people who have lost money in the stock market is more than the people who made money. There are many reasons behind it like panic selling, greed and poor research of stock. It is very important to stay invested in stocks which have a good market presence and they are growing. It is important to stay away from the bogus companies which come into the stock market to steal the hard-earned money of investors. Many investors lack patience and they start investing in the market on the advice of others. In stock market investments, it is very important to study well and focus on the good companies that are performing well over time. We can trust companies like Reliance, Tata, Infosis, HDFC Bank etc because of their huge presence and consistent performance. 

The stock market is not a medium to make fast money but it is a tool to make significant profits over time by investing in good stocks. There are many traps in the market in the form of bogus and false companies which show false profits to lure investors. Once the investors buy these stocks than they crash the bubble leaving hundred-thousand of investors losing their money. If a person doesn't understand the fundamental of the stock market then he should remain away from it and investment in the market through mediums like Mutual funds and EPFs etc. 

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