Chak de India emerging as a brand

Movie Chak de India is a great success in India and in its first two weeks this movie has earned more than 20 crore rupees. This is really a great success for any Movie in India. However, Chak de India has achieved much more than it, today chak de India has become a brand name in itself which signifies the glory of Indian supports. “Chak de India” has presented itself as a great motivational film which has the potential of motivating every one. Today “chak de India” has become a great motivational slogan which is used in all games from cricket, hockey, and tennis to any games where Indians are participating. It is really first time when a movie is made to highlight the ailing condition of India sports. Chak de India may have chosen women hockey for this purpose but this movie shows the story of all sports person. Indian sports really need number of such movies which can motivate players for higher performance. Chak de India and its motivation are today not restricted to sports only, however large number of Indian organisations are also showing this movie to their employees to motivate them. A leading business school of Chandigarh has added chak de India in its syllabus. These are really great achievements by movie chak de India, its stars and its producers. We all can hope that more such movies will be made by Indian cinema to boast sports in India.

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Movie Review-“Chak De India”
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