Role of a good salesman in Retail Business

Mostly, whenever we enter any supermarket or big shop or mall then we are welcomed by salesmen with smiling faces. With the increasing work load of the big retails and malls, it is becoming important for them to delegate their customer interaction and selling jobs to bright salesmen. Salesmen are supervised by the floor managers and floor manager by their managers. However 90% of the time, we only get chance to interact with a salesman, therefore a role of the salesman in making or breaking a deal with customer is very important as compared to others staff.

Many people can easily recall time when they have bought things not because they required it but because salesman convinced them to buy the particular thing. All this may look strange but this type of incident can happen with any person at some time in life. Smart salesmen do exist is our world and many people encounter them. Most of these smart salesmen know the art of smart selling and certain salesmen are very proficient in this art. These kind of the salesman are really good reward for any organisation and they support silently their organizations gaining profits. However on the same time, we have some bad experience with nasty salesmen who sometime even prevent us from buying things which we require desperately.

In the present world of a retail boom, role of salesmen or sales people become very important because a good team of salesmen can easily increase the profits of a store or mall, while bad salesmen or sale people can easily decrease final profits. Therefore for any big shop, department store or mall can easily increase its revenue by recruiting good salesmen. In the present competitive world a slight decrease in the profits of a retail firm can easily put it out of business; therefore any successful strategy of retail business must include choosing good salesmen for the job.

By Arvind Katoch

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