Review-Aap ka Saroor

Finally now most of the people must have watched the much hyped and first film of famous Indian singer HIMESH RESHAMMIYA or popularly know as HR in short version. At present, there are lots of conflicting news about the success or failure of this movie because some agencies are saying it hit while others are saying it flop. Result may be whatever but one thing is clear that most of the people who have expected some good entertainment from this movie have clearly found themselves betrayed. This movie was hyped as a true love story of HR, but in reality we only find a film which is only trying to highlight Himesh Reshammiya and only Himesh Reshammiya.

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This is basically a self praising movie made by HR of himself where every where we find people shouting HR and HR. We all know that Himesh Reshammiya is a good singer but this does not mean that we start giving him some God like treatment. This movie may attract number of visitors due to large number of HR fans spread across world but in simple words any one can say that this movie lack lot of points. This film is made around a weak story lineup and fails many times in important segments like dialogs, direction and screen play. Acting of all leading players including HR is below average.

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