Taj Mahal and India made for each other

Taj Mahal and India has great association with each other. It is very difficult to consider either of them without the other. Constructed in 16 century, this monument of love still holds a great significance in India. Latest inclusion of the Taj Mahal in the New Seven Wonders of the World shows the importance of Taj Mahal for Indians.

By the last month, Taj Mahal was trailing in the votes and at that time, there were apprehensions that Taj Mahal would not be able to find a place in new Seven Wonders of the World. However, when common Indian realized these things then huge number of votes started coming for Taj from the different parts of India. There are large numbers of Indians who have voted for the Taj through SMS or online voting.

After this wide support, it was not surprising to see Taj among the Seven Wonders and that officially happened on 7 july with Taj being officially declared one of the new Seven wonders of the world. This win of Taj is actually a win for whole India and demonstrated once again our love for the Taj. Taj Mahal signifies the beauty of India and therefore victory of Taj Mahal is really a moment of pride for all of us.
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