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Review Book-“The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” by John C. Maxwell

Leadership has always remained the most desirable attribute among the people. Every person in this world wants to become a strong leader but in actuality very less people are able to emerge as strong leader on the world screen. From the centuries societies around the world have remained in the constant search for good leaders and these searches have also yielded many good leaders. Leadership is the topic on which numbers of things have been written in the past and in present also many people are putting forwards new views on the leadership. Despite the availability of so much material on leadership, it sometimes become very difficult to find good read on this topic. Now this book by renowned author and motivational speaker Mr. John C. Maxwell can easily help in first understanding what leadership is all about and second how anyone can emerge as strong leaders in their lives. This book presents one of the best materials written on the leadership which is filled with real life examples.

Reliance Fresh-A great initiative of Reliance

Today, Indians living in class I or II cities can hope to get the world class treatment in household shopping, thanks to some of the initiatives like Reliance Fresh. Reliance Fresh is a new chain of small marts by the Reliance group of industries from where people can easily buy all the good quality items of daily use in houses. Already similar kind of the stores are available in the market with names like Subhiksha. The major advantage of these stores is that people can easily hope of buying all the household products even including fresh vegetable and fruits from the same place. Therefore, now there is no need for moving from one place to other in the search of different things. At present, Indian economy is moving at a fast speed and we are becoming a country where time has lot of value. Therefore, these stores from players like Reliance offer a great saving of time for the people. Reliance Fresh stores presently have slight edge over the competitors in design and display; it is mor

Attractions have no limit

Attractions are one of very important part of our lives. Attractions towards different people also play a very important role in these attractions. For whole of our life, we all go on getting attracted towards different people. Whenever, we meet some new attractive men or women in our life then we suddenly start feeling attraction towards the person. The major strange thing in this whole matter is that we go on feeling attraction towards different and different people. It happens at different ages and in situations but this really does happen. Why we feel so much attraction towards some unknown people? No really looks to have the answers for all this. The presence of the attraction is so unlimited in our lives that we can easily say that attractions have no limit. Also read- Role of attractions in Life

Indians victim of Political dominance

If we say that India is a victim of political dominance then there is nothing wrong in it. In India, we can easily find number of rich and dominant political leaders but it is very difficult to find good governance or corruption free nation. On the other hand most of political leaders in India have remained involved in various corruption acts. In the last sixty years after the independence these leaders have grown much faster than the actual Indian growth. Earlier, we were legging behind the world then it was the political class which was mainly responsible for it. Today we are growing then political class has very less role in all this. Major push in sectors like IT and Telecom are demand driven and require very less support from the governments. Though there are few exceptional leaders which helped the nation by brining positive changes but remaining most of the leaders has remained more interested in the self growth. Today political leaders and corruption can be easily interlinked w

When it is a crime to give birth to a girl child in India

We Indians have lot of double standards when the matter regarding women comes in front of us. On the one side, we show our respect to women idols like Ma Durga and Kali and on the other side we kill girl child before birth and if they anyway survive then we commit number of crime like rape, beating, torture, and eve teasing etc against them. All this clearly show that we in Indian have double standards when matters regarding women come in front of us. Recent two incidents in this regard are clear eye openers for us. In the first incident one grand mother killed barbarically her grand daughter by pressing her neck with foot and in second incident a women of affluent family was tortured for ten years and forced to abortions for giving birth to girl Childs. Both these matter are clear example of widespread spread crime against women and show how still giving birth to a girl child is a crime in India. The major concern in all these matters is that women are also involved in crimes against

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam- A true Indian

Former Indian President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is leaving behind a great legacy of true Indian, who is committed for the cause of his nation in every work he performs. I am not the only person who is praising Dr Kalam for his extraordinary conduct as missile man and Indian President; there are billions of people in India across all the sections who want to embrace his philosophy of Indianism.  This simple looking and a shy man has clearly changed our thinking about nation and role of president. He is a real hero not the filmy one but a real time hero who has proven to us that patriotism is still alive in India. This is his extraordinary trust on Indian people which makes him shine above our rusting political leaders. He is a true leader, who not only demonstrates leadership but also help others in becoming leaders. According to him, India need good leaders very badly who can take this nation to new heights and he is totally right because if one APJ Abdul Kalam can make so much d

Role of attractions in Life

In our lives, we all get attracted towards various things, may be right or wrong. Every person during his lifetime experience millions of attractions towards various things. The intensity of these attractions may vary from object to object and between different persons. Some attractions in our lives are week and we are mostly able to suppress them while other attractions are very strong and force us to behave in accordance with them. Love is a good example of strong attraction which forces billions of people around the world to do bizarre things in this world. Though there is no formula for determining the intensity of attraction and different people can have different attraction levels for different objects. The other good feature of attraction is that we can have multiple attractions at the same time. Also, our attractions can change with the time. Mostly our attraction fades away after getting the thing which attracts us and we start looking for new things which are attracting us. T

Mrs. Pratibha Patil- First Woman President of India

Mrs. Pratibha Patil today becomes the first women president of India. This is really a good news to all the women of India that now a women will be heading this nation, however, this question will still remain answered that how much women of India will actually benefit from this development. She has won these elections with massive more than 3 lakhs votes against NDA nominee Bhairon Singh Shekhawat. This win of Mrs Pratibha Patil is also a win for congress party and shown to the world UPA alliance has strong hold on India politics. However, the path to the President house was not easy for Mrs. Pratibha Patil, as we say a strong negative campaign against her by the Opposition. This was first time in the Indian history that such kind of dirty politics took place for President Polls. After now becoming the first women president of India, a new battle has started for Mrs. Pratibha Patil to show her worth as good president and remove the dirty memories of allegations against her. We all can

How ego plays with us?

Lot of things has been written again and again about the bad effects of ego, however still most of us fall in the game of ego time after time. There are many problems of the human life which we see every day are the result of the false ego based perceptions of the people about themselves. Ego is a kind of curtain before the eyes of a person which stops him from seeing the difference between right and wrong. Due to this, many people take wrong decisions in their lives which either affect them or to the people related to them. In ego, a person starts thinking himself as more superior as compared to the others and this thing make it impossible for him to listen or accept the right advices of the others. Even most of the religions of the world have declared ego as one of the false or wrong emotions which every person should avoid in his life. However, most of us do the reverse of it and make life difficult for ourselves or others. In ego, we hurt emotions, we do not listen to right advices

Changing lives in India

Lives of the ordinary people are changing fast in India. Today’s Indians are no way behind than the people of developed nations. Few years back, there was a huge difference of technology between India and developed nations. At that time, it takes fifteen to twenty years for the latest technologies to reach to India. However, today thanks to the increasing consumer demand of India, this difference has reduced to six months to one year. Today most of the leading manufacturers of the world are selling their products in India and technological advancement of the Indian people is creating demand for the higher end products which was earlier only domain of developed nations. Really this is a great achievement of nation like India.

Living Together Happily

In the present time, it is very important to follow the Principles of coexistence because today people of the number of religions coexist in the same environment. If we all do not follow this simple principle then chances of violence will always remain and many innocent people will lose their lives due to these problems. We can easily live happily with each other while respecting the faiths of others. In this way, we all can hope to see a more secure and happy world around us.

Freeness in Love

Many lovers find it very difficult to give freedom to their lovers because they fear that if freedom is allowed to their lover then they can lose their love. All this thinking only highlights mistrust in the love, where as there is no place for mistrust in love. Love is divine and exists in total freedom. Freedom of the love has great power of holding lovers, therefore real love always allows freedom to the lovers.

When religions of love become religions of hate

Religious hate and violence has become a common thing in the present world. Number of incidence came in front of us, where we find people committing crimes, violence and terrorist attacks on the name of religion. By looking all this, it becomes very difficult for use to think when these religions of love have converted themselves in to religions of hate. Now the time has come, when we all need to think on this issue and again start preaching love to the people.

Religion-most misunderstood concept

Religions are being made on this world for helping a man in attaining godhood. At different locations and under the direction of different philosophers or Gurus, we all accepted the different paths for realization of God. We gave different names to these paths and in this way different religion of the world came in front of us. Initially, people were living in small geographical locations and independent of each others, therefore these all religions flourished in this world. Today, we all are living in a mixed world where people from different religions are coexisting with each other. However, in this coexistence, we are also facing religious intolerance for the others. Many followers of the respective religions are busy in creating atmosphere of fear and hate among the peoples of other religions. People from all the religions are responsible in this matter. Today we all have become more near to our religions but away from the God and its teachings. Racism, suicide bombings, terrorist

Why India has so many corrupt leaders?

Corruption in the political world is not a new thing for India and from the time of independence our political leaders have remained involved in various scams and frauds. Moreover with the time, the intensity of corruption by the political class has even become more rampant. The major reason behind this wide spread corruption by the political class is no check on our leaders and mostly, they safely come out of these scandals without any punishments. Hardly, there is any big leader of India who has got punishment for his frauds or scandals in last 60 years. We only see certain allegations and some cases running in the courts for years but never any justice. All these things only make our leaders more strong and above judicial restrictions. Proofs of most of these corruptions are easily available in front of us, as how these politicians become millionaires or billionaires in just few years? From where this whole money comes from, nobody has answers to these questions. Neither income

Book review- "Happiness Now" by Andrew Matthews

Happiness is the one thing which every person wants desperately in his or her life. Even many philosophers and physiologists have said that happiness is the main driving motive for any person living in this world. We all do various things in our life to attain happiness and mostly, we remain so much attracted towards happiness that we never want to face any unhappy moment in life. However, we all know this fact that getting happiness and then retaining it is not an easy task, due to this reason, we find most of the people struggling for some moments of happiness. This book can provide lot of help to the people who are finding it hard to attain happiness in their lives. This is a simple and well written book and comes with the aid of beautiful cartoons. Costing Indian Rupees 495, this book offers a good read to all the book lovers. The main carry away point of this book is finding happiness despite grieves and struggle in life and not waiting for the appropriate time to come to feel

Review-Aap ka Saroor

Finally now most of the people must have watched the much hyped and first film of famous Indian singer HIMESH RESHAMMIYA or popularly know as HR in short version. At present, there are lots of conflicting news about the success or failure of this movie because some agencies are saying it hit while others are saying it flop. Result may be whatever but one thing is clear that most of the people who have expected some good entertainment from this movie have clearly found themselves betrayed. This movie was hyped as a true love story of HR, but in reality we only find a film which is only trying to highlight Himesh Reshammiya and only Himesh Reshammiya. Rent Movies online in your City This is basically a self praising movie made by HR of himself where every where we find people shouting HR and HR. We all know that Himesh Reshammiya is a good singer but this does not mean that we start giving him some God like treatment. This movie may attract number of visitors due to large number of HR fa

Role of a good salesman in Retail Business

Mostly, whenever we enter any supermarket or big shop or mall then we are welcomed by salesmen with smiling faces. With the increasing work load of the big retails and malls, it is becoming important for them to delegate their customer interaction and selling jobs to bright salesmen. Salesmen are supervised by the floor managers and floor manager by their managers. However 90% of the time, we only get chance to interact with a salesman, therefore a role of the salesman in making or breaking a deal with customer is very important as compared to others staff. Many people can easily recall time when they have bought things not because they required it but because salesman convinced them to buy the particular thing. All this may look strange but this type of incident can happen with any person at some time in life. Smart salesmen do exist is our world and many people encounter them. Most of these smart salesmen know the art of smart selling and certain salesmen are very proficient in this

Taj Mahal and India made for each other

Taj Mahal and India has great association with each other. It is very difficult to consider either of them without the other. Constructed in 16 century, this monument of love still holds a great significance in India. Latest inclusion of the Taj Mahal in the New Seven Wonders of the World shows the importance of Taj Mahal for Indians. By the last month, Taj Mahal was trailing in the votes and at that time, there were apprehensions that Taj Mahal would not be able to find a place in new Seven Wonders of the World. However, when common Indian realized these things then huge number of votes started coming for Taj from the different parts of India. There are large numbers of Indians who have voted for the Taj through SMS or online voting. After this wide support, it was not surprising to see Taj among the Seven Wonders and that officially happened on 7 july with Taj being officially declared one of the new Seven wonders of the world. This win of Taj is actually a win for whole India and de

Increasing rate of custodial deaths in India

In India, we claim our self free and fair nation, however ever increasing continuous custodial deaths put question mark over this claim. Every week, it is very common to hear about number of cases where innocent people die due to custodial harassments in Police lockups. Even after 60 years of the independence still all the Indian government departments are working in the similar fashion with out dated rules and regulations. Indian police and judiciary system are also suffering from the similar problems. Most of the state polices in India lack modern trainings and are highly involved with wrong practices. Torture is the only way available with the police to find the clues from the victims . In some cases, third degree and simply worst kind of the torture is forced on the people whom some people find difficult to resist and die due to this unbearable pain. The apathy of this whole system is that most of the people who die in custodial deaths are innocent. This kind of straight murder of

UK terror plot and India

Today we are living in a world where minorities are mostly blamed for any crime happening in the vicinity. Recent case of capture of two India Muslim Doctors in connection with UK terror plots is also one of such example. At present, it is not clear that these doctors are criminals or victims of social profiling. So far police is investing this case and it will take time before we will confirmed about the real truth behind this episode. This is the first time when any Indian national is linked with any terror plot. If any thing in this whole episode is true then this really a matter of great concern for the whole nation and will also make the stand of Indian living abroad more weak. Second this matter will also make the lives of many Muslims across the world more difficult who are already living under the constant scanning of the security agencies.

Increasing number of Suicides among people

In the recent few years, numbers of suicides by the people have increased at the alarming rates. It is very easy to find news about number of people committing suicides on the daily basis. The major concerning point about this suicide problem is that people who are committing suicides are from all classes of the society, therefore this whole problem points towards a deep rooted social problem which is affecting many people of our society irrespective of their caste, age, religion or financial conditions. Many doctors are also of the belief that if this problem is not solved soon then it can become a major out of control problem in coming times. Major reason behind these suicides problems is supposed to be decreasing ability of the people to cope up with the various social or mental problems. Overall this whole situation highlight towards a widespread social problem in our nation which needs immediate solution before more people commit suicide.

Playing with Gods

Today for many people religious Gods are nothing more than toys. Due to this reason, we see many cases every day where people disrespect Gods in the various manners. Today's breaking news of Star news which also highlighted one same point. As per their news, some individuals and even army personal defamed the icy shivling at Amarnath. According to the videos shown by the TV channels, many people and Army personal tried to touch, huge, insert coins in to the ice of shivling, melt the ice of shivling, take photos with shivling and burn small fires near the shivling. All these videos clearly showed that how people are lacking respects for the Gods and for many this shivling is just a piece of ice to play with. This whole behavior of the people and army puts many question marks over the arrangements and a mental state of the people visiting Amarnath. Amarnath has always remained a place of great religious value for hundred of Hindus across the world but this kind of the behavior that

Control of Nehru-Gandhi family our India

Today, it is clear for most of the Indians that Gandhi family holds a good control over the Indian politics and it is very difficult for any one to give a fight to the Gandhi family. Though, today we are celebrating 60 years of our independence from the British Raj but for about fifty years out of sixty years Nehru-Ghandi family has controlled and made the destiny of India . In the present times, it looks very difficult that anyone can give fight to this family for gaining control over the fate of India. Opposition parties are presently in bad shape and therefore, at present Gandhi family has no fear of losing their control over Indian political system. After Manmohan Singh, Chances are very bright of Rahul Gandhi becoming next Prime minister of India because Congress and even Prime minister has himself hinted towards this change. In the present political system, it is very difficult for any person to come out and challenge the kingdom of Gandhi family. All things only indicated t