Control of Nehru-Gandhi family our India

Today, it is clear for most of the Indians that Gandhi family holds a good control over the Indian politics and it is very difficult for any one to give a fight to the Gandhi family. Though, today we are celebrating 60 years of our independence from the British Raj but for about fifty years out of sixty years Nehru-Ghandi family has controlled and made the destiny of India. In the present times, it looks very difficult that anyone can give fight to this family for gaining control over the fate of India.

Opposition parties are presently in bad shape and therefore, at present Gandhi family has no fear of losing their control over Indian political system. After Manmohan Singh, Chances are very bright of Rahul Gandhi becoming next Prime minister of India because Congress and even Prime minister has himself hinted towards this change. In the present political system, it is very difficult for any person to come out and challenge the kingdom of Gandhi family.

All things only indicated towards a possibility that we have to see Gandhi family in the prime control position for many more years to come. Today, Dr Manmohan Singh is the Prime Minister of India but every person knows that main control of power still exist in the hands of Congress leader Sonia Gandhi. It is very difficult to tell that all this is happening in the favour of India or not but one thing is clear that India has acute shortage of strong leadership who can challenge the control of Gandhi family in India.

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