Book review- "Happiness Now" by Andrew Matthews

Happiness is the one thing which every person wants desperately in his or her life. Even many philosophers and physiologists have said that happiness is the main driving motive for any person living in this world. We all do various things in our life to attain happiness and mostly, we remain so much attracted towards happiness that we never want to face any unhappy moment in life. However, we all know this fact that getting happiness and then retaining it is not an easy task, due to this reason, we find most of the people struggling for some moments of happiness.

This book can provide lot of help to the people who are finding it hard to attain happiness in their lives. This is a simple and well written book and comes with the aid of beautiful cartoons. Costing Indian Rupees 495, this book offers a good read to all the book lovers. The main carry away point of this book is finding happiness despite grieves and struggle in life and not waiting for the appropriate time to come to feel happy. Every person can expect to learn many good and simple points which can easily make his life happier.

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