Playing with Gods

Today for many people religious Gods are nothing more than toys. Due to this reason, we see many cases every day where people disrespect Gods in the various manners. Today's breaking news of Star news which also highlighted one same point. As per their news, some individuals and even army personal defamed the icy shivling at Amarnath. According to the videos shown by the TV channels, many people and Army personal tried to touch, huge, insert coins in to the ice of shivling, melt the ice of shivling, take photos with shivling and burn small fires near the shivling.

All these videos clearly showed that how people are lacking respects for the Gods and for many this shivling is just a piece of ice to play with. This whole behavior of the people and army puts many question marks over the arrangements and a mental state of the people visiting Amarnath. Amarnath has always remained a place of great religious value for hundred of Hindus across the world but this kind of the behavior that too mostly by the Hindus, is clearly a sign of great shock. Amarnath yatra was officially opened in the month of June but amazingly many people were visiting the Shrine from April. Today shivling is no more and has eloped much ahead of its time, the major reason behind this could be tempering with the Shivling.

It is not the matter of authority of Shiv or Hindus religion but it is serious matter of playing with the emotion of millions of people who have strong faith on Amarnath shrine. This whole story is a clear example of madness and failures of authorities in protecting the Shivling from the defamations. According to many people, it is very easy to reach Amarnath shrine before the official visit dates by giving some donation or by bribing security forces. All these things also highlight the state of security in the area. Overall this is a really a shocking development which shows the mental weakness of people and complete failure of the shrine authorities.

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