How ego plays with us?

Lot of things has been written again and again about the bad effects of ego, however still most of us fall in the game of ego time after time. There are many problems of the human life which we see every day are the result of the false ego based perceptions of the people about themselves. Ego is a kind of curtain before the eyes of a person which stops him from seeing the difference between right and wrong.

Due to this, many people take wrong decisions in their lives which either affect them or to the people related to them. In ego, a person starts thinking himself as more superior as compared to the others and this thing make it impossible for him to listen or accept the right advices of the others. Even most of the religions of the world have declared ego as one of the false or wrong emotions which every person should avoid in his life. However, most of us do the reverse of it and make life difficult for ourselves or others.

In ego, we hurt emotions, we do not listen to right advices and we commit crimes. The amazing thing about this whole episode is that we never actually know what we are doing. Therefore, this is very important for every person to destroy his ego and start seeing things in an unbiased way. In this way, we can easily make our and life of other people around us more fulfilling and rewarding. In the absence of ego, a person gets many more chances of acquiring new knowledge and thus increasing his wisdom.
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