Accepting Death (truth of nature)

Death is one of the most feared and least spoken words in our society because it is believed wrong to even think about it. Nobody likes death because death puts a full stop on all the activities of a concerned person. Death takes away people from this world, from our lives, from our families, death take away and only takes away people. Some people took the refugee in science and religion to win over this force. Many scientists and saints tried to win over this force of nature but however no one is able to win over this natural force so far.

Even after so many years of the human evolution, death has remained a constant truth in our lives. In this whole situation only thing which remains in our control is to accept this truth. The advantage of accepting this truth is that we get a relief in our mind and simultaneously get a motive to live more fulfilled life. Everything which a person earns in this world remain here in this world after death and nothing goes with the person to the other world, therefore there exist no fun in wasting our whole life in accumulating huge money or other materialistic things on the cost of living a good life.

Every person gets only few years to really enjoy his whole while on the remaining time he remains dependent on the others. Therefore for making one’s life more fulfilled and reducing the fear of death, it is very important for every person to live a healthy, mature, thoughtful and enjoyable life which gives a more value to his existence. In life most important thing is our self satisfaction and without gaining this self satisfaction it is very difficult for a person to attain real happiness in life and to remove fear of death.

Those people who are able to achieve this self satisfaction, whom which we gave many names like achievement of higher spiritual state, attainment of godhood or moving above of all desires, are able to attain a mental state where no death create fear in them. Finally we can say that there is no fun in fearing this truth of death and we can easily either overcome or reduce its fear by living a more fulfilled life that we have no desires left to remain back in this world. By only fearing death, we only reduce the quality of our life and life of people associated with us.

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