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Will Aishwarya be a good bahu?

As roughly more than one month has passed after the completion of marriage of Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai. This marriage has remained in lot of spot light due to being as marriage among two sensational stars. Other reason could be Amitab Bachan, an unchallenged super star of Indian Cinema, as it was his only son's marriage. Today every thing has calmed and people have slowly started forgetting this marriage. People have also accepted Aishwarya Rai as Aishwarya Bachan. However still there are few questions which are present in the common man talks. From the beginning of the report of the Abhishek and Aishwarya marriage, people were doubtful about the future relations of the couple. Many people were of the view that this relation will not last long like the other filmy relations. All these things are giving birth to the debate of this question that will Aishwarya be a good bahu or not? To give the explanation to this question, we can analysis the positive and negative points

Now easily sell items online

Online world is today helping many people and small business in big way because it is offering them hundred and thousand of good opportunities. Today the number of the people who are interested in buying online has increased considerably. Mostly today people find it very easy to buy online from the web stores. Due to this reason, the demand for the web stores is increasing. Many businessmen want their own web stores but they found it very difficult to construct these stores. Now if some one tells them that they can easily create their web stores and sell items online with the help of easy to use shopping cart software then many of them will not believe it. However this thing is totally true, thanks to, people or small business can easily find web store software or solution with them. This site provides an ideal solution for creating a shopping cart. People can easily take the 10 days free trail for understanding more about the software use. This solution is totally web

Depending on others

There are many people in our world, who want to achieve lot of things in life but when it comes to taking any decision or doing hard work then they look for other people in life. These kinds of the people are dependable on the others for their success and therefore mostly these people find very rare opportunities of success. Success comes with only persons self decisions and hard work and not by the others efforts. Those people who depend on others mostly lack the drive to achieve things in life. Depending on others is not a wise idea of any kind and people who achieve heights in life are those who achieve them themselves. Small helps or guidance or help is OK from other but totally depending upon others is total suicide. Moreover others are also more associated with their own dreams and mostly find no time for the dreams of others; therefore it is not wise to depend on others.

After marriage relation of Abhishek and Aishwarya

Last month, we all saw the most happening marriage of the Indian bollywood industry involving two real stars of the Indian industry Abhishek Bachan and Aishwarya Rai. The main reason behind the popularity of this marriage was extraordinary popularity of these two stars . Both of them hold unique positions in the Indian film industry and million of people are their fans from around the world. A huge craze about the marriage was clear from the curiosity of the people to know everything about the marriage. Most of the fans just lined up outside the gates of the Bachan’s and Rai’s houses to get the glimpse of their star. Now as the marriage is over and already a month of this marriage has passed and therefore now most of the people are again interested in knowing more about their stars and how their new life is going. As per the latest news, our favorite stars have completed their honeymoon and making themselves ready to enter in to film industry full fledged. However it was in news that t

Accepting Death (truth of nature)

Death is one of the most feared and least spoken words in our society because it is believed wrong to even think about it. Nobody likes death because death puts a full stop on all the activities of a concerned person. Death takes away people from this world, from our lives, from our families, death take away and only takes away people. Some people took the refugee in science and religion to win over this force. Many scientists and saints tried to win over this force of nature but however no one is able to win over this natural force so far. Even after so many years of the human evolution, death has remained a constant truth in our lives. In this whole situation only thing which remains in our control is to accept this truth. The advantage of accepting this truth is that we get a relief in our mind and simultaneously get a motive to live more fulfilled life. Everything which a person earns in this world remain here in this world after death and nothing goes with the person to the othe

Animal world of mankind

We all human boast ourselves as human but still in many ways we are below animals. We all put the face of man but from inside we are simply animals and can go up to any extent to fulfill over animal desires. Many activities come in front of us who show the animal behavior of human like rapes, child sex abuse, human exploitation or extreme greed. These all are the activities which only an animal can consider to do. However many of such and even more worse activities are happening in our world, which clearing indicate towards the fact that there are many animals between us who claim they to be as human. We all are required to unearth these people because if do not do so then put the life of many other innocents on risk.

Why people do fraud in Love?

Love is great gift of the god to the mankind, however still we find many people around us using love to do various frauds. In the present world, we can easily find a special intimacy between love and frauds. Mostly girls are major loser in these frauds, as it is clear from the various news and information available with us. Many of the girls even have to pay the value of these frauds with their lives. However getting the answer of this question that why people do frauds is not easy because mostly different people have different motives. But some of the major motives are sex, money and some special benefit. Mostly what women believe as love is a way to get something else for the other. Not all the men are bad or their motives are bad but there are few people who try to use love for their motive. These motives could range from simple sexual favor to criminal desires. Today even women are also not behind in these kinds of frauds. There are many women present in our society who are also i

Small help for nation

Many people around us feel that helping our own nation is not our job and already government and other people are there to help the nation. However we forget this simple fact that like us other also has the same thinking. Due to this mostly our nation suffer and with it suffer many other common people. If we all have taken steps at the right time then even with small efforts, we can have helped many innocent people. We all are required to think on this simple concept to make our nation stronger.

A beautiful Face

Beauty has always held a supreme position in our world. Beauty is one of the great creations of the God which force us to get attracted towards it. During the journey of our life, we came across many beautiful faces. However there are some few faces among all these which are able to create strange attentions for them. Mostly these faces are of women because around the world women are associated with beauty more than men. A beautiful face could be one which we say love at first sight. Love at first sight is nothing but an untimely strong attraction towards a particular beautiful face in the first instance. Those individuals in the world who claim love at first sight must have seen some these types of faces. A beautiful face has the power to affect us from the deeper levels in the first incidence. Exceptional beauties in this world are beyond the thinking and imaginary power of the human being. Therefore we all feel very attracted towards these faces at the first instance because these f

Enjoy one of my Favorite Punjabi Sad Song

Here below is one of favorite Punjabi Sad Song. This song is my favorite from the long time. I really like this song and likes to listen it again and again. Therefore I am posting this song here for every ones entertainment. This song is sung by Kaler Kanth and the song title is "das asin kehra tere bina". Also visit- Watch and Listen to very romantic Punjabi Love Song , Top Punjabi Songs

Do really People are asset in India?

People are the most valuable asset of any country however in many countries around the world these assets are just allowed to get wasted due to various loopholes in the present systems. Let’s consider the example India; it is a biggest democracy in the world but still many of its common people die unwanted in bomb blasts, road accidents, due to others negligence, health care system failures or our own government’s failures. Many women of India who hold good talent become doctors, engineers or scientists are not allowed to work or put their contribution due to the pressures of their marriage lives. Even after 60 years of independence, there are women who are burned alive, innocent people killed for no reason, exploitation of the poor exist, corruption prevails. All these examples only show that how lot of Indian assets are wasted due to its old inefficient system. Therefore it becomes the duty of the public of India and common men to change the conditions in their favor and make India a

Express Yourself Fully

In any kind of the relationship and in life, it is very important for us to express our self fully. All humans are nothing but are the puppets of emotions. Every day hundred of emotions arise inside us . These emotions force us to behave or act in particular way. The stronger an emotion is, stronger it will be force us to behave or act in his accordance. Weak emotions mostly die slow death and disappear in the routine of life. However still many times due to the various reasons and compulsions, we are forced to suppress these strong emotions. These reasons or compulsions could be social factor, self confidence, circumstances etc. Consider common example of finding a girl whom you love but not able to express yours feeling to her due to the fear of her saying no to you. Different people have different reasons and different problems related to their personality and surrounding. However, in the present world, there is no scope and wisdom in hiding our true feeling inside because if we do

Increasing Crime Rate of Indian Armed Forces

One after other criminal incidents by the Indian armed forces is putting many questions on the way of working of armed forces in India. Armed forces which used to hold lots of honor for saving the lives of countrymen at the boarder are today involved in torturing or killing those same countrymen. Yesterday brutal killing of two innocent civilians by the four BSF personal at Thakurpur (District Gurdaspur) shows the ugly face of armed forces and indicates towards decreasing credibility of Indian armed forces. In the recent few years, there is an alarmingly high increase in the criminal attacks by the armed forces on the innocent civilians. If savers of our life start becoming takers of lives then on whom we can trust for our lives. As per the news reference from the Indian leading daily Times of India, these all the four BSF personal were drunk and two of them were on duty. Increasing number of these incidents require an immediate action from the Indian government before the whole situ

Lousy Friends

Friends are very important part of our life and it is not possible for us to live life without them. Mostly we all give examples of good friendships but simultaneously in life, we are faced with situations where we find many lousy or undesirable friends in our life. Understanding a human being is not an easy task, therefore many times we choose wrong people as friends because of the demand of then time. After some time when we realize our mistakes but by then already things have become very difficult to solve. It become very difficult for us to tolerate these people but mostly we do not have much options. The disadvantage of continuing with these lousy friends is that they start making our life dull and tasteless like theirs. In these kinds of the situations, it becomes very important for the person to act wisely and go away with these friends; otherwise they can affect badly him in his later life. Friends are very important for living a good life but lousy friends are even worse. Ther

Advantage Orkut

Advantage Orkut, is the advantage of big social network of, which a person can exploit as per his need or demand. On the, there is available some thing for everyone and there everyone can easily find the people or groups on the orkut which share views with them. Orkut is not only a dating and making friends site but it has many other uses like creating or running a professional community. Finding help or providing help to the other people and encouraging like minded people to come together. The main advantage with the Orkut is that it provides a big network of lot of people through single solution which is otherwise very difficult to find. With the proper use of Orkut, we all can get much beyond what orkut can offer. Related Stories- 1) How to make an attractive Orkut Profile? 2) and dummy Profile 3) Alert for Orkut users 4) Alert for E-mail users

Want to Meet Mirelly Taylor?

Most of see the celebrities on the television or on the big screen and while watching them a desire to be with them arises in everyone. However it is not possible for must of us to complete our dream because mostly we are not allowed to be near these celebrities because of the safety reasons and non availability of time with these celebrities. However in the mean time there are many attractive opportunities emerging for the people to meet their favorite celebrities through various contests. One of such contest is also started by Here in this contest people are required to submit their videos on the gofish and person with most successful video will be given opportunity to meet favorite stars like Mirelly Taylor, who has worked in movies like "Kiss Me Again", "Serving Sara", "Las Vegas" and "Numb3rs". She is already a very popular star and many people from around the world want to have date with her. This competition really offers a goo

Getting right Feedback

Feedback is very important for selecting new employees in the organization because feedbacks provide an opportunity to reduce the mistakes like selecting the wrong candidates. Today there are many solutions available for the organizations and managers to get useful and easy feedback solutions like 360 degree feedback which provide accurate and effective feedback. Feedback is the one thing which is liked by many top managers and organizations in getting the right information about the employee and selecting the right person for right job in their organizations. Feedback is very simple technique if employed with full confidence then can provide lot of useful help to the people.

Where to go ?

Many times in life it becomes very difficult for us to decide the right path for us in life and at this situation we mostly struggle with choosing a right path for us. We ask a question from our self that where to go? We are required to deal this situation with lot of care because if we are not able to find any solution for our self then many negative thoughts may take control over us and force us to commit wrong things even suicides. With calmness we can easily find new and more attractive paths for our self and these paths could be even better than the previous paths chosen by us.

Enjoy the video clipings of Kangra Fort

Kangra is the most beautiful district of Himachal. Kangra has many natural and man made places to visit. For centuries this place has remained the main influential place because of its long legacy and rule of katoch dynasty. Kangra Fort has a great influence in the Kangra district history and Katoch dynasty. This Fort is situated just few KM away from the main Kangra city and this fort is worth watching. Below are few clipping of Kangra fort to watch. Kangra Fort video 1 Kangra Fort Video 2 Kangra Fort Video 3 For more visit -

Implications of BSP win in Future

Mayawati lead BSP has this time showed great performance in the UP (Utter Pradesh) election and emerged as a great force which now controls biggest state of India. UP has great influence on the Indian politics because of highest number of MPs it send to parliament and most of the parties which are strong in UP have controlled or played major role in centre politics. By realizing this truth Mayawati has already told that center is not far away for her party. This statement clearly shows the ambitions and possibilities which BSP is thinking about. With this complete majority in the UP election, BSP has really emerged as a big force which is very difficult to side lined. Few years back most of the experts and people believed that BSP has attained his maximum potential and it is not possible for BSP to get further success. However the social engineering skills and acumen of Mayawati make it is possible for BSP to get the votes from once it big rival Brahmins. BSP already has base in many o

Rahul Gandhi’s Future after UP Election

Rahul Gandhi’s was one of the most presented faces of congress during UP election. Rahul Gandhi also put every effort to convince the people of UP to vote for congress. He travelled to different parts of the UP in his open jeep. This time Rahul put more hard efforts and tried to go more near to the people of the UP. Rahul Gandhi personally met many common people, touched their hands, accepted their flower malas, listened to their problems and simply lived with them. However all these efforts of the Rahul Gandhi gave no fruits in the end and congress party’s situation remained more or less same in the present election. Even congress was not able to get marginal increase in their seats and resulted in three less seats as compared to the previous term of UP assembly. All these results are the indication of decreasing influence of the Gandhi family over of the public. Present generation of the people are not ready to take any person only because of their names. Today Rahul Gandhi is requir

Reason for the Failure of Mulayam Singh

Despite so many hypes and many ads from the super star Amitab Bachan, Mulayam Singh is not able to convince the people of Utter Pradesh that he once again deserves the UP Chief Minister ship. Today as the results for the UP assembly election came most of the people of India and world realized that people of the UP are not convinced with the claims made by Mulayam Singh and Arjun Singh. Moreover second it was very obvious for any person to get the reality of these claims made by Mulayam’s party by visiting UP which is still struggling in many ways. Crime rates are still very high and many people do not feel themselves safe. Crimes, murder and rapes are still common in many parts of the state. The other important factor which most of the people in UP find is that growth of state is still struggling to take off. Basic facilities like clean water, education, electricity and good roads are still missing from many parts of state. Mostly poor and people of the upper cast found this government

Final Tally and analysis of UP (Utter Pradesh) election Results

Below people can find the final tally of results of various parties in the UP election 2007. As the results are out and more and less situations are clear for the formation of next government in UP. BSP- 206 (+109) BJP-50 (-38) SP-97 (-46) Congress-22 (-3) Others-27 (-22) With this now all the hurdles in the way of BSP forming a new government in UP has come down. This is a clear sign of worry for the national parties like BJP and Congress which despite so many campaigns lost badly in UP. Only clear winner in this election is BSP which has nearly more than doubled its seats from the previous term. People of UP (Utter Pradesh) have clearly given their vote for BSP which they thought of as better alternative available for them. Second Mayawati’s Brahmin/Dalit Bhai-2 philosophy has helped in achieving this nearly impossible milestone. In this election Mayawati gave tickets to considerable number of upper caste and Brahmin candidate even more than Dalit candidates which worked as key eleme

Massive win for Mayawati

Massive single handed victory for the BSP in UP elections has shown that no one knows UP politics better than Mayawati . Most of the people today got amazed to see Mayawati’s part BSP getting majority in UP assembly. With this achievement, this dalit woman has shown to the world that she can win election on her own . Initially many people believed that Kansi Ram was the important factor in BSP and without him it is not possible for Mayawati to win election. However Mayawati has proved everyone wrong and showed that she alone can achieve much better. This complete majority in the UP assembly elections has become possible only after more than 15 years of uncertainty. Many expert believe this success of BSP as positive sign for UP as a stable government can provide a good future for the already trailing behind state UP. Related Posts- 1) Implications of BSP win in Future 2) Rahul Gandhi’s Future after UP Election 3) Final Tally and analysis of UP (Utter Pradesh) election Results 4) Reaso

Controversy of Shilpa Shetty and Richard Gere

Most of the people must be aware about the kissing controversy of Richard Gere and Shilpa Shetty. This controversy started with controversial kiss of Shilpa Shetty by Richard Gere at an HIV awareness problem held at New Delhi. This controversy becomes so strong that an arrest warrant was issued against Richard Gere. Many orthodox circles described this kiss as attack on the Indian culture by the foreign culture. Now the question which emerges is that does this whole matter needed so much hype or a more respectful behavior be expected from Richard Gere . India is still struggling between its new and old cultural values and in between this entire episodes, kiss is also facing the same struggle in India. Indian is still a closed society and in this society any display of love like this will definitely provoke strong sentiments. Earlier also there were many kisses related controversies in India involving different heroes and heroines. However this whole controversy can be seen going in t

Shilpa shetty-Again in lime light

It is very hard for any one to imagine few years back that Shilpa Shetty can make such a big comeback. The big brother became a new launch pad for this Indian heroine who was facing a decline in career. Jade Goody’s controversial remarks on her created a sympathy and place for Shilpa Shetty in the heart of people around the world. Second controversy aroused out of Richard Gere’s controversial kiss of Shilpa Shetty in public. Controversies after controversies are really helping Shilpa Shetty in becoming stronger. Recently Shilpa Shetty was the point of attraction for every person during the world wide premium of her movie “Life in Metro”. Today Shlpa Shetty has truly attained an international fame which is very difficult for any other Indian heroine to achieve. Shilpa Shetty is popular every where and also on the internet. As per the Yahoo search results, Shilpa Shetty name has become one of the most searched name in the world much ahead of the many big names in the Hollywood. These a

Know more about Ayurveda

Ayurveda has gained a lot of support from the people of various society and cultures. The main reason behind all this is ability of the Ayurveda in treating various disorders and illnesses effectively which are otherwise very difficult to be cured. Below is collection of all the latest articles in the field of Ayurveda and this post will be updated regularly with the new happenings. Therefore people can check this post again and again for new happenings in the field of Ayurveda or getting more insight in this matter. 1) Swami Ramdev and spread of Yoga and Ayurveda 2) Ayurveda-A wonder from India 3) Neglected State of Yoga and Ayurveda 4) Baba Ramdev and Controversies 5) Baba Ramdev entering homes in India 6) Why Ayurvedic medicines are better? 7) Swami's help for Yoga and Ayurveda 8) Swami Ramdev-Hero of India 9) Why should people attend Baba Ramdev Yoga Camps? 10) Yoga Video Swami Ramdev (Kapaalbhanti) 11) Baba Ramdev Videos 2 12) Yoga and Health For more videos visit- Baba Ramde

Enjoy Pets videos

Pets play a very important role in over life because they help in living a more interesting and fulfilling life. Those people who have pets at homes have less chances of being got bored. Mostly pets have very less expectations from their owners and live happily with them in all the conditions. Different people have different beautiful moments with their pets. I also have some beautiful moment with by aunt’s pet puppy and therefore I am sharing all this you all through the medium of Youtube. Below are two videos of this puppy.

Microsoft and Yahoo may come together

There is news in the media that Microsoft and yahoo are coming more near to each for fighting the challenges posed by the Google. Recently there were news that Microsoft is going to purchase Yahoo but as per the latest news both parties are looking for a formula which can help both of them expect merger and acquisitions. Google has become strong player and posing threat to both Yahoo and Microsoft. Therefore a combined force of both yahoo and Microsoft could be a better option for both of them. At present both the parties are busy in negotiations and we can hope to see the outcome soon.

Celebration of India becoming $ 1 trillion economy

Last week, when Indian economy crossed $ 1 trillion mark then it becomes a celebration moment for many Indians. Many news papers published full length articles on this issue and many TV channels also highlighted this achievement. Even after one week celebration about this achievement is continuing. India is an emerging market and lot of more potential is still stored in it. In India still there is lot more scope available for further growth. India may have grown much higher if government control and corruption were less in our nation. This is really a big achievement by the India despite so many odds. Therefore we can only request our government to reduce corruption and remove control over many things for allowing India to grow much faster.

Indian Government may be going away with Tax exemptions

Indian Finance Minister today said that government is planning to go away with the all the exemptions in the faced manner. If this happens than suddenly Indians may find then in trouble or this thing could have far sighted effects on the Indian people. If exemptions are removed then it could mean more tax burden on the Indian people. Second many people in India are doing saving only because of these exemption. Now if these exemptions are removed then it could less saving by the people and more problems for them in the later age. Finance minister is required to give consideration to this fact before implementing any removal of the exemption. India can not just follow the policies of the western world blindly by forgetting but is good for India or not.

Age difference of Abhishek and Aishwarya

Recently we all have seen the much hyped marriage of the Abhishek and Aishwarya. Today both these super stars of the Indian film industry are husband and wife. However this marriage has one unique thing in it which is age difference of Abhishek and Aishwarya. You may say that what is new in this; every other couple has age difference. Here exists the real catch, other Indian couples also have age difference but mostly in 99% of the cases males are older than their female counterparts. On the reverse in this marriage, Aishwarya Rai is older than Abhishek Bachan by 2 yrs and 2 month. With this Abhishek Bachan has followed the example of his father Amitab Bachan who has married women much shorter than him. The height of the Amitab Bachan is 6.2 ft and whereas the height of the Jaya Bachan is just 5.2 ft. Despite this Amitab Bachan and Jaya Bacahn are one of the most successful couple of the Indian film industry. In the time when other film star couple breaks away, this couple has remain f

Space between the Lines

Mostly when we write then we put some space between the lines. This space helps us in giving different identity and look to the lines. Similarly in life Many times we do different things and separate them with the spaces. Some times these spaces are created by us and many times just come with the success. These spaces represent the emptiness of our lives, a place where we are nothing. In more simple terms take the example of a person for whom two lines are success in job and money. Now the space for these lines to be true is family. Therefore if in this situation a person gets all this then definitely he will lose his family happiness but he will get success in the job and money. It is very difficult to avoid these spaces because they are certain when we want to gain heights in some then the chances of losing ground in the fields are very obvious. If any person tries to avoid a space between the lines then whole writing will look very bad and person will not be able to achieve anything

I love my Life

Every person in this world loves his life and like them I also love my life and want to make it more fruitful for me and my country. For this I constantly tries to upgrade my skills with the news skills and then help other people with these skills because I have firm believe that these small things have the potential of creating lot of difference to the peoples life. In this way, I can do both things of loving my life and helping my nation simultaneously.

Power of Leader ship

Leadership has great power in itself which if used with proper care can create lot of difference in the person’s life. However it is very important for all the people to understand leader well before trying to use it. Leadership has many factors in it and when all these factors are combined then only a good leader emerges in our world. Second good news for the people is that leadership can develop with the period of the time. If people are able to understand and use leadership skills in their life then they can easily give new turn to their life.