Do really People are asset in India?

People are the most valuable asset of any country however in many countries around the world these assets are just allowed to get wasted due to various loopholes in the present systems. Let’s consider the example India; it is a biggest democracy in the world but still many of its common people die unwanted in bomb blasts, road accidents, due to others negligence, health care system failures or our own government’s failures. Many women of India who hold good talent become doctors, engineers or scientists are not allowed to work or put their contribution due to the pressures of their marriage lives. Even after 60 years of independence, there are women who are burned alive, innocent people killed for no reason, exploitation of the poor exist, corruption prevails. All these examples only show that how lot of Indian assets are wasted due to its old inefficient system. Therefore it becomes the duty of the public of India and common men to change the conditions in their favor and make India as one of the best place to live in world.
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