Rahul Gandhi’s Future after UP Election

Rahul Gandhi’s was one of the most presented faces of congress during UP election. Rahul Gandhi also put every effort to convince the people of UP to vote for congress. He travelled to different parts of the UP in his open jeep. This time Rahul put more hard efforts and tried to go more near to the people of the UP. Rahul Gandhi personally met many common people, touched their hands, accepted their flower malas, listened to their problems and simply lived with them.

However all these efforts of the Rahul Gandhi gave no fruits in the end and congress party’s situation remained more or less same in the present election. Even congress was not able to get marginal increase in their seats and resulted in three less seats as compared to the previous term of UP assembly. All these results are the indication of decreasing influence of the Gandhi family over of the public.

Present generation of the people are not ready to take any person only because of their names. Today Rahul Gandhi is required to create a separate image for himself other than the image as member of Gandhi family so that people can recognize him because of himself. At present congress is required to wait for more time before they can see Rahul Gandhi winning elections for them.

Just promoting Rahul Gandhi as the next Prime minister of India is not an ideal solution and will do nothing in long run. Now time has come for Rahul Gandhi to make a strong presence for himself in the Indian politics before others start putting fingers over his credentials. Future influence of the Gandhi family over the Indian politics will now totally depend upon the political fate of Rahul Gandhi future elections.

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