Reason for the Failure of Mulayam Singh

Despite so many hypes and many ads from the super star Amitab Bachan, Mulayam Singh is not able to convince the people of Utter Pradesh that he once again deserves the UP Chief Minister ship. Today as the results for the UP assembly election came most of the people of India and world realized that people of the UP are not convinced with the claims made by Mulayam Singh and Arjun Singh.

Moreover second it was very obvious for any person to get the reality of these claims made by Mulayam’s party by visiting UP which is still struggling in many ways. Crime rates are still very high and many people do not feel themselves safe. Crimes, murder and rapes are still common in many parts of the state. The other important factor which most of the people in UP find is that growth of state is still struggling to take off. Basic facilities like clean water, education, electricity and good roads are still missing from many parts of state.

Mostly poor and people of the upper cast found this government doing nothing for them therefore for the first time they decided to go with the BSP because they also do not get any hope from BJP which is struggling from inside. Mulayam’s Muslim-Yadav combination looked weak this time against the Mayawati’s Brahmin-Dalit combine and resulted in to single handed majority for the Mayawati.

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