Space between the Lines

Mostly when we write then we put some space between the lines. This space helps us in giving different identity and look to the lines. Similarly in life Many times we do different things and separate them with the spaces. Some times these spaces are created by us and many times just come with the success. These spaces represent the emptiness of our lives, a place where we are nothing. In more simple terms take the example of a person for whom two lines are success in job and money. Now the space for these lines to be true is family. Therefore if in this situation a person gets all this then definitely he will lose his family happiness but he will get success in the job and money. It is very difficult to avoid these spaces because they are certain when we want to gain heights in some then the chances of losing ground in the fields are very obvious. If any person tries to avoid a space between the lines then whole writing will look very bad and person will not be able to achieve anything.
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