Final Tally and analysis of UP (Utter Pradesh) election Results

Below people can find the final tally of results of various parties in the UP election 2007. As the results are out and more and less situations are clear for the formation of next government in UP.

BSP- 206 (+109)
BJP-50 (-38)
SP-97 (-46)
Congress-22 (-3)
Others-27 (-22)

With this now all the hurdles in the way of BSP forming a new government in UP has come down. This is a clear sign of worry for the national parties like BJP and Congress which despite so many campaigns lost badly in UP. Only clear winner in this election is BSP which has nearly more than doubled its seats from the previous term. People of UP (Utter Pradesh) have clearly given their vote for BSP which they thought of as better alternative available for them. Second Mayawati’s Brahmin/Dalit Bhai-2 philosophy has helped in achieving this nearly impossible milestone. In this election Mayawati gave tickets to considerable number of upper caste and Brahmin candidate even more than Dalit candidates which worked as key element in her win. A considerable vote of upper caste and Brahmin have shifted towards Mayawati’s BSP giving her party a big win in most populous state of India. With this Mayawati has ended 14 year long collation politics in the state.

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