Increasing Crime Rate of Indian Armed Forces

One after other criminal incidents by the Indian armed forces is putting many questions on the way of working of armed forces in India. Armed forces which used to hold lots of honor for saving the lives of countrymen at the boarder are today involved in torturing or killing those same countrymen. Yesterday brutal killing of two innocent civilians by the four BSF personal at Thakurpur (District Gurdaspur) shows the ugly face of armed forces and indicates towards decreasing credibility of Indian armed forces.

In the recent few years, there is an alarmingly high increase in the criminal attacks by the armed forces on the innocent civilians. If savers of our life start becoming takers of lives then on whom we can trust for our lives. As per the news reference from the Indian leading daily Times of India, these all the four BSF personal were drunk and two of them were on duty. Increasing number of these incidents require an immediate action from the Indian government before the whole situation became more alarming.

The actual numbers of incidences of crime by the armed personals on the civilians are much more then reported because many poor people are not able to file complains against them. Already Army headquarters and Indian government has admitted the increasing frustration levels among the Jawans and officers due to long isolated and tense life. Indian armed has maintained a good reputation for the long period but these incidences are putting shadow on its credibility, therefore some big introspection is required on the part of armed forces to save its falling reputation.
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