Lousy Friends

Friends are very important part of our life and it is not possible for us to live life without them. Mostly we all give examples of good friendships but simultaneously in life, we are faced with situations where we find many lousy or undesirable friends in our life. Understanding a human being is not an easy task, therefore many times we choose wrong people as friends because of the demand of then time.

After some time when we realize our mistakes but by then already things have become very difficult to solve. It become very difficult for us to tolerate these people but mostly we do not have much options. The disadvantage of continuing with these lousy friends is that they start making our life dull and tasteless like theirs.

In these kinds of the situations, it becomes very important for the person to act wisely and go away with these friends; otherwise they can affect badly him in his later life. Friends are very important for living a good life but lousy friends are even worse. Therefore it is always better to choose friends well and second if some lousy friends came in to our circle then remove them as early as it is possible.
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