Review- “Just Married”

Lots of people have great hopes from this movie. However after watching the movie expectation of many people will definitely shatter. I am not saying this very dull film. Overall this is an average one time watch able movie. Whole story moves around the two couple who are just married through the arrange marriage.

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This film basically tries to represent the situation of a woman who finds it difficult to adjust after the marriage. Isha Deol has shown a great role promising role in the movie and reminded the viewer her mother Hema Malini. Acting of the Fardeen Khan is simple but without any punch. There are many good emotional scenes which makes this movie interesting. However many times movie goes out of the topic and reality.

Film Miss lots of more movie masala and entertainment and slows down at lot of the places. People who are going to see this movie to some thing different will definitely be disheartened. There are three more couples in this movie who are also on honey. This movie tries to touch many issues but fails in explaining all of them perfectly. Film starts from the same point and ends also on the same point. If this movie has come thirty years back then there were chances that more people liking its concept.

Point- 4 out of 10

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